Destabilization & Geopolitics / Awakening Our Power

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Destabilization & Geopolitics / Awakening Our Power

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In the first half, practicing human rights attorney Dan Kovalik updated his work on geopolitical instabilities in various regions and how humanitarian efforts in some countries end up as acts of war. America had plotted to overthrow the Venezuelan government in the interest of controlling their oil, he reported. Now, during the COVID-19 crisis, the US is upping the pressure on countries like Venezuela and Iran, he noted, "making it difficult for them to fight the pandemic, at a time when we should be helping each other to deal with this." The UN Secretary-General, he added, has called for the easing of sanctions during the crisis, but the US continues to sanction about 35 different countries.

During the Brazilian elections, the US was part of the efforts to arrest and jail their most popular candidate, the former president, Luiz da Silva, and Bolsonaro (who had close relations with the US) defeated him, Kovalik cited. The US often reaches out to assist other countries for conducting wars with each under the guise of humanitarian relief and constructive help. Kovalik argued for a more cooperative stance, in which America doesn't always focus on military resolutions to conflict.


A lifelong student of spirituality, Kim Stanwood Terranova, assists individuals with experiencing inner greatness and joy. In the latter half, she shared how individuals can awaken and harness power to survive and thrive during these times of radical change, as well as how our thoughts and intentions can influence not only ourselves but those around us and the planet in general. A critical aspect of setting an intention, she revealed, is to state the desired goal in positive terms. Rather than something that is negatively framed, like 'I want to stop smoking,' the person should say something like 'I want to make choices that honor my body.'

One client of hers with a brain tumor started using positive intention exercises to heal, and as he did so, the cancer began shrinking, she detailed. Regarding intentions such as reducing the coronavirus or changing the path of a hurricane, Terranova explained that intentions should be very clear in their specificity, and seek to entirely remove something negative rather than shift it away from one area. "The fastest way to stay out of expectations and disappointment is to set bold intentions every day," she outlined, as well as realizing that your personal power lies in the present moment. Further, she recommends leaving open a doorway to tap into "universal consciousness," as we are always connected to an unlimited "source energy" that is working through us.

News segment guests: John M. Curtis, Howard Bloom


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