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COVID & Constitutional Rights / Open Lines

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Founder and President of Oath Keepers, Stewart Rhodes, discussed whether the lockdowns put in place for the prevention of the COVID-19 spread are a violation of constitutional rights. Describing the current climate in the country as being akin to a "medical 9/11," he mused that Americans are being faced with a similar "false choice" wherein they are being asked to sacrifice their rights in the name of security. To that end, Rhodes observed that the initial reasoning for people quarantining themselves was to 'flatten the curve' so that hospitals were not overwhelmed, but now "we're into this perpetual emergency until there is a vaccine."

He also criticized the governors of some states for "making law as they go," noting "that's what dictators do." Rhodes went on to say that there are no state statutes that give a governor the right to designate a business or activity as essential or non-essential during a pandemic. "There's no clear legal standard," he said, and stressed that "the legislature makes law, the executive executes the law and that's what's being violated." Rhodes indicated that some police officers have begun to recognize this issue and are refusing to enforce lockdown orders.

As for what may come next, Rhodes expressed concern about a future potential scenario in which people are compelled to take a vaccine for the virus, which he postulated would be a violation of the Fourth Amendment. Beyond that, he explained that this is particularly worrisome because pharmaceutical companies are legally exempt from any liability when it comes to potential side effects. "I'm not afraid of COVID-19," he declared, "I'm more afraid of a vaccine and what might be in it." Rhodes also warned that mail-in voting would threaten the legitimacy of the 2020 election regardless of who wins because the opposing side will not trust the outcome.


'Sound Off' Open Lines were featured in the latter half. Monique in Sundland, California called about what she sees as an unsettling amount of censorship happening online, specifically with regards to the dangers of 5G. These thoughts were echoed by Pasquale in Santa Monica, who put forward the possibility that a vaccine for the coronavirus could contain nanoparticles which would be influenced by "5G wavelengths." Kathleen in Alberta, Canada lamented that China is buying property and companies in her country for "ten cents on the dollar." She went on to predict that this will happen in America as well and ominously warned that "you guys are going to become the next province of China." Later in the show, Hal in Greensboro, North Carolina theorized that the coronavirus is actually a bioweapon that was unleashed upon the world by North Korea.

News segment guests: Howard Bloom, Charles Coppes

Previously scheduled guest, anthropologist Jack Hunter, will be rescheduled for a future show.


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