Haunted Hospitals / Open Lines

Haunted Hospitals / Open Lines


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsMark Leslie

Writer, editor, and bookseller Mark Leslie specializes in speculative fiction and paranormal non-fiction. During the first half of the program, he shared eerie, frightening, and spooky tales, including his latest work on haunted hospitals. According to Leslie, locations such as hospitals, where people experience deep emotions and trauma, tend to be ripe with paranormal activity. "If there are gateways between our world and the next, [hospitals] would be a place where there's a lot of passages," he suggested.

Leslie recalled a story told to him by a Coast listener during his last appearance in March 2015. The caller claimed to work at a medical facility in Alberta where a possessed woman was being treated. Any room the patient was placed in would drop in temperature, and he and another hospital employee personally experienced seeing the possessed woman levitate as she slept, Leslie revealed. He talked about his research into haunted locations in Sudbury, Ontario, where he discovered a curious UFO connection. "I had no idea that Sudbury was a hotbed for UFO activity," he admitted. Leslie also reported on his discovery of terrifying experiments, including research related to MK Ultra, at hospitals in the Montreal area.

Open Lines followed. The final half hour featured a replay of Steve Bassett discussing UFO disclosure.

News segment guests: Jerome Corsi / Peter Davenport



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