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COVID Vaccine & RFID / Hidden Lore

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Retired personal privacy and security consultant H. Michael Sweeney became interested in privacy issues after becoming a targeted individual. He reports that he was a "person of interest" to rogue intelligence agents, who stalked and harassed him. In the first half, he pointed toward conspiracies connecting RFID tracking, the COVID vaccine, and the New World Order. Considering himself a "conspiracy futurist," in which he correlates various theories and information, he said he predicted that "the World Trade Center would suffer a jetliner false-flag terror event," and that this would result in a series of Middle East oil wars.

RFID (radio frequency) technology actually dates back to the 1940s, Sweeney stated, and was used in human mind control exercises in the 1950s. Since then, organizations and agencies have been pushing to have RFID tracking chips implanted into humans for various reasons (such as protection against being kidnapped). Sweeney expressed concern that the upcoming COVID vaccine (enabled with RFID tracking) may be mandatory with enforced injections by the military. Because so many doses are being manufactured, he believes it's a global project of the New World Order, beyond any political party's scope. He's posted an article on his Free Will Society site comparing the loss of personal freedoms from COVID-19 with what targeted individuals have gone through.


Fast becoming one of the most recognizable faces in documentary television, Don Wildman is an impassioned history enthusiast and adventurer. In the latter half, he shared some of the paranormal-tinged stories in his new Travel Channel TV series, Buried Worlds, including visits to Peru, Haiti, and Bulgaria. He traveled to Eastern Europe to discover the truth behind the haunting stories of vampires like Dracula, and joined a group of active vampire hunters as they investigated an abandoned village. One of the gravesites was covered with large rocks as if to keep something from escaping.

Wildman visited a Virginia town where paranormal activity was spiking and found a connection to the lost Roanoke colony. One witness believes they saw the ghost of a murdered child from the colony. He also traveled to Haiti and New Orleans to experience voodoo's mysterious power, gaining access to secret rituals, including one where a man was said to be possessed by the God of Death. While in Peru, he investigated a deadly ancient cult and uncovered clues about a bloody ritual sacrifice, where some 140 children were killed along with hundreds of baby llamas. He surmised that the Peruvians might have been trying to end a brutal cycle of torrential weather by appeasing their gods.

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