Oracle Cards / Fascination with Mars

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Oracle Cards / Fascination with Mars

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With over 30 years of experience and a global audience in 29 countries, bestselling Hay House author, Colette Baron-Reid, teaches people how to have a personal dialog with the Universe to help them create their best lives. In the first half, she spoke about Oracle cards as a new form of self-help, and how we can use them to tap into the divine matrix of infinite potential. The divination card sets she's created bear some similarity to Tarot, she said. They both work with a symbolic system, but her cards, she noted, reflect our modern psychology and life experience, and are more fluid than the fixed medieval images of the Tarot.

The cards mirror your energy, she continued, and show you a story or snapshot of where you are in the moment, based on the synchronicity of information that is always available. Baron-Reid teaches courses in using the Oracle cards, though, with all twelve of her decks (which come with guidebooks), people can derive meaning from them right out of the box. In her readings (she provided callers with them in the last hour), she uses a three-card spread, with the first card serving as an essential anchor. Further, the cards act as a "portal" for her, she explained, and she is able to see and intuit beyond them. 


In the latter half, one of the leading connoisseurs of the bizarre, Marc Hartzman, shared his latest work exploring our relationship with Mars—from early scientific beliefs to pop culture and why Mars has been an obsession for ancient people to the present day. He detailed how in 1926, Dr. Hugh Mansfield Robinson believed he was in telepathic communication with 'Oomaruru,' a 7-ft. tall Martian woman, who provided details of life on Mars, a peaceable and more advanced planet than Earth. He tried to send a telegram to Mars through a radio tower, when the planet was at its closest location.

Hartzman reported that during that era many of the top scientists and smartest people like Tesla and Marconi had a strong belief in intelligent life on Mars. Astronomer Percival Lowell fueled speculation that there were was an intricate canal system on the Red Planet and moved to Flagstaff, Arizona, and built an observatory there in 1894 for further studies. He believed Mars was very old and arid, so the intelligent inhabitants constructed a planet-wide canal system to bring water down from the poles. The reddish appearance of Mars led ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians to dub it the 'God of War' and associate it with bloodshed and battles, he added. Hartzman also touched on topics including Jack Parsons & Satanism, sideshow performers, weird things sold on Ebay, and unorthodox messages from God.

News segment guests: Christian Wilde, John M. Curtis

Illustration of 'Martians'

Illustration of Martians

Guest Marc Hartzman shared vintage articles and illustrations from his new work. Pictured here is the illustration for a 1904 article pondering what Martians might look like.

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