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Poltergeists & Ghosthunting / Open Lines

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John Fraser is currently a member of the Spontaneous Cases Committee and the Council of the Society for Psychical Research. He has previously been Vice-Chair of the Ghost Club (founded in 1862) and joined the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena in its founding year. In the first half, he discussed his experiences with ghost hunting, apparitions, and poltergeists. After watching a television program at age 13 where the participants were "taking things seriously," Fraser decided to investigate hauntings and other strange paranormal occurrences. Surprisingly, Fraser remarked that real vampire cases involve beings that are apparently similar to what are known as poltergeists, or "noisy ghosts," which he said "behave like a child with ADHD." In Latin America, he said, vampires are known as 'duendes,' which essentially means goblins.

Fraser spoke of a location called "the Cage," one of the most active haunting sites he's ever seen. It's an old prison and place where witches were persecuted and punished. He has visited the site for many years and interviewed dozens of witnesses, who reported such things as doors closing on their own, people pushed downstairs, and most frighteningly, scratches appearing spontaneously on the arms and legs of witnesses. He concluded that "there's some kind of atmosphere there that triggers some very unusual experiences," as far as hauntings or, in particular, poltergeist events. Fraser said that he sees all paranormal phenomena as similar and inhabiting "one big box" of strangeness.


Open Lines occupied the second half. Chris in Iowa related a story of his spirit companion who apparently talked to his girlfriend's deceased father who committed suicide, and passed along a message to his wife apologizing for missing the birth of their son. Joe from California said he heard a noise in his home, which he was able to record. A male voice, "not very distant, but not very close," said "wake up" in Italian. He re-recorded it later, and it said the same message but was now a female voice. Michael in Kansas told George he believes that "there are a lot of dark forces in the world using COVID and the race stuff" to pit people against one another.

Greg in Idaho called in great agitation and said that he believes a ghostly woman is following him, and makes him feel like he "went through a town and killed everybody there." George offered advice to calm him down. From Indiana, Eric asked if the legend of the "giants" killed in caves near Lovelock, Nevada by Native Americans in the ancient past, were "not in fact humans, but Bigfeet" because they supposedly had red hair as reported in many Bigfoot sightings. Jim in Texas told the story of an imaginary friend from his childhood who still talks to him and who he believes saved his life more than once in the Army. The 'friend' also told him (at age 73) that a woman he met is "the one" and he is now engaged to her. The last half-hour featured an encore interview excerpt on angelic guidance with Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis of the Spiritual Arts Institute.

News segment guests: Christian Wilde, Peter Davenport, Tim Binnall.

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