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A money coach, business consultant, and spiritual teacher, Leisa Peterson has worked with some of the world's largest financial and business services and hosts the Mindful Millionaire podcast. In the first half, she shared her unique blend of economic strategy and mindfulness training, which helps people break free of patterns of lack, scarcity, and money fears. When it comes to finances, a lot of people don't have a plan B or money for emergencies, she noted, so the pandemic and the subsequent loss of jobs has really served as a wake-up call. She has developed an eight-step process called 'I Prosper' to reinvent one's relationship with money.

"You are not your money," she remarked. "The wealth that you own is merely a reflection of the past and doesn't necessarily represent the future." That means just because you have struggled financially in the past, it doesn't have to remain that way. One of the biggest things to look at, she suggested, is our limiting patterns and beliefs around money that can hold us back. Picture yourself without debt, Peterson advised, and have a plan to pay off what you owe. Additionally, always be looking for opportunities, she said, whether it's selling stuff you're not using, or starting side businesses, particularly related to something that you're passionate about. "I think we don't realize that money can come from lots of different places. But we have to lean into it; we have to get curious," she added, putting some time into an endeavor and seeing if it's valued by other people.


A nurse for 34 years, in 2005, Lynn Monet purchased a home that turned out to be haunted. In the latter half, she recounted the horrors her family endured while living there. The ordeal, she said, was life-changing, challenging her faith and opening her up to her innate abilities to see earthbound spirits and other dimensions. The haunted home, located in East Flat Rock, North Carolina, was built in 1976. She came to believe that it was perhaps the land or the area itself that contributed to the demonic phenomena. In the home, "there were two demons and a young man who actually hung himself in the stairwell," she said. Initially, she'd seen a vision of the hanged man in her peripheral vision but ignored it.

Monet ended up seeking help from a variety of paranormal teams and religious institutions to clear the home of the negative entities. One of the demons was identified as a "hell dog," capable of inflicting physical damage, including bite marks, clawing, and hair-pulling. She reported a friend named Ellen was clawed in the kitchen to the point of bleeding on her back and stomach. The other demon appeared more like a gargoyle, she detailed. Monet, who ended up selling the property after a short time, stressed that when using services to help clear a home, check their references, and make it very clear you want the entities removed-- you don't necessarily need them identified first.

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