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America's Occult Origins

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Filmmakers Wes and Justen Faull joined Richard Syrett (Twitter) to discuss the director's cut of their documentary, Belly of the Beast, which explores the hidden history and occult origins of the United States, and how America may be set to fulfill an ancient prophecy. The brothers spoke about the Babylon system — the first one-world order/religion comprised of practices involving many gods. "All the secret societies that we are aware of today... they are practitioners of ancient rituals and rites, and all of those religious rites go back to Babylon, Wes explained. These were religions passed down from the fallen angels, he added.

The ancient religions of the fallen angels have continued over the centuries through secret societies, the two continued. Freemasons claim to have access to the original language and rites that date back to Babylon, Justen revealed. They detailed a veiled references to America in the writings of Plato which suggested the new nation would bring the world under one order. According to the Faulls, fallen angels were put over the nations and Lucifer himself is over the United States. "This system [of constitution government] that was created here was not created by Christians," Justen explained, noting the Founding Fathers did not believe in the God of the Bible.


Swamp Creatures

In the first hour, author and cryptid researcher Lyle Blackburn shared tales of mysterious creatures that lurk in the swamp. Blackburn focused on Hockomock Swamp in Massachusetts, which European settlers called Devil Swamp and is part of a larger region known as the Bridgewater Triangle where much strange phenomena occurs. "So many people over the years have reported... dark devilish-looking dogs to prehistoric-looking birds," he said. Blackburn reported on sightings involving of giant dog/hyena creatures as well as the goblin-like Pukwudgie. "In just about every swamp that I discuss in the book... they all tended to have reports of what we would call Bigfoot-like creatures," he added.

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