Global Enlightenment / Vedic Astrology

Global Enlightenment / Vedic Astrology


HostLisa Garr

GuestsChristopher Macklin, Carol Allen

In the first half, Dr. Christopher Macklin, medical intuitive and healer, joined Lisa Garr (email) to talk about his Global Enlightenment Project. He shared guidance on how to solve the most pressing issues and rise beyond the reach of these troubling times, and experience a divine existence in a dimension of your highest creation. Macklin began with an account of his childhood experiences with numerous UFO sightings and even a reptilian being that appeared in his bedroom at night. He recalled that when his mother was ill, he correctly predicted that she would recover from what was originally diagnosed as terminal cancer. Macklin said his mother communicated with him directly from her "inner voice."

His spiritual teachers have told him "how diseases work," and that things such as HIV, Lyme Disease, and even Morgellon's syndrome and leukemia are actually caused by "stealth pathogens" which come from sources like chemtrails. The reason these diseases are so deadly and hard to cure is that they originated from "off-planet" and were engineered by aliens (the "Zeta Grays"), he stated. Macklin believes that the only way to combat these issues is to avoid GMO foods and vaccines. To keep healthy mentally, he suggested ignoring the outside world and concentrating on yourself, specifically by "focusing on what you are really good at" and have a passion for doing.


Carol Allen is a lifetime member of The American Council of Vedic Astrology, and in private practice, she has counseled thousands of people. In the second half, she discussed the history of this type of astrology and how this specific practice can assist in the area of romance and interpersonal compatibility, and understanding world and national events. She described Vedic astrology as a "system of ancient India" which differs from the Western version. Some major celestial bodies are currently in constellations known as the "fire signs," and Allen said that this is reflected in the present circumstance of all the fires happening now in the Western U.S.

Allen commented that the Vedic astrological chart for the United States as a whole shows that we are in a time that "brings a lot of surprises" and "the breaking down of structure." The chart indicates that we started this process in January of this year, and the period usually lasts 7 1/2 years. Allen analyzed the upcoming election in depth from her point of view and, while she couldn't make a prediction as to who would win the presidency, she said this period "coincides with the rise and fall of great people." Saturn has an effect on our lives and is the planet the "helps us get our work done," she noted, adding that people should use this time to figure out what they really want to do by taking action and getting out of situations and relationships that may have been holding them back.



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