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UFO Mysteries & Disclosure

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Legendary UFO expert Jacques Vallee joined guest host Jimmy Church in the middle two hours of the program to delve UFO mysteries and disclosure. "One of the things that the UFO community has failed to do so far is to enlist the interest of the... scientific community," Vallee said, noting UFO researchers could use a series of 'sanity checks' on their data. He pondered the meaning of disclosure and pointed out it could only come from the agencies that oversee the cover-up. "What concerns me is that the people who are going to manage the meaning of the disclosure that everybody is hoping for are the same people who are managing the... cover-up," Vallee explained. The idea that UFOS are merely explorers from space does not work anymore, he added.

According to Vallee, there is no reason to wait on the military or government agencies to admit what they have captured and hidden away, as there are UFO-related metamaterials currently being tested in civilian labs in Silicon Valley. He detailed some of the issues involved in retro-analysis of unknown materials, and the importance of introducing a methodology that can be applied to such analyses. Much of what is tested turns out to be ordinary materials, such as aluminum and iron, Vallee admitted. He referenced magnesium samples recovered after the Ubatuba UFO incident in Brazil. "It's purer than the standard for magnesium... so what was it doing blowing up over a beach in Brazil," he questioned.

Pentagon Destroys UFO Documents

During the first hour, John Greenewald of The Black Vault commented on breaking news about the Pentagon possibly destroying UFO documents related to his FOIA requests. Greenewald had made a second FOIA request for documents after the U.S. Navy admitted they played a role in the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP). That request was denied, appealed, and denied again. "In the response, the Navy denied that they could even verify what their own spokesperson had already issued the statement on," Greenwald said, noting they also denied Luis Elizondo ever served as the director of AATIP. The Navy also suggested even if such documents existed, they may have been destroyed, he added.

The final hour of the show was devoted to Open Lines.

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