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Investigator David Paulides has spent ten years researching missing people in national parks, forests, and open spaces. In the first half, he discussed cases of unexplained disappearances, and how the US government and National Park Service has tried to discourage some of his research efforts. When making an FOIA request for a list of missing people from Yosemite National Park, he was informed it would cost him $34,000, and for a list from the entire park service, $1.4 million. "The point being," he observed, "is that they didn't want that list going out." Then, when readying to shoot his third documentary on vanishings, Yellowstone first ignored his request for permission to film at the site of the Stacy Arras case, before issuing a blanket denial.

This particular case at Yellowstone concerned the anomalous 1981 disappearance of a 14-year-old girl, who, along with her father, had ridden into the Tenaya Lake area by horseback (licensed by the Park). She told her father she was going to take a few pictures with her camera, and then vanished as she walked toward the lake. A weeks-long search took place, and all that was ever found was her lens cap. Yellowstone refused to release their report of the case, he cited. In the type of cases Paulides studies, there is no evidence of criminal activity, animal attacks, or individuals deliberately wanting to disappear. Some people have suggested to him that our government has advanced technology that could be involved in these inexplicable disappearances. For more, visit Paulides' YouTube channel.


In the latter half, metaphysician and astrologer, Chrissie Blaze spoke about the value of including Earth as a planet in astrological readings, and how we should consider the Earth as a living being (the Gaia hypothesis). In astrology, far away planets like Pluto are taken into account for a person's chart, yet our own world has been left out, she noted. The sun is the most important body in astrology (accounting for our sun signs), while the Earth is positioned opposite the sun. Thus, our Earth sign will be on the opposite side of the chart as our sun sign, she explained. For instance, if your sun sign is Leo, your Earth sign is Aquarius, a Virgo sun is Pisces, and a Sagittarius sun is Gemini. By being aware of our Earth sign, she continued, it can help us build our dreams, take action in the physical realm, and understand our spiritual destiny.

There is evidence that the Earth, as an advanced being, takes a breath every few days, she said, adding that the other planets in our solar system are living, radiating entities that create a kind of "cosmic symphony." Over the past centuries, humanity has gradually become disconnected from the Earth, she lamented. To reconnect with our sacred power, we can become more aware of nature and the "devic" kingdom (nature spirits), she suggested. By going out in nature and finding a quiet spot, she continued, you can offer your gratitude and appreciation to these spirits, who want to commune with us. As we create more of a positive interaction with this kingdom, "we would start to improve weather conditions," she mused, as well as the planet's ecology.

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