China & the AI Threat / Haunted Dolls

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China & the AI Threat / Haunted Dolls

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Cyrus A. Parsa is the founder and CEO of The AI Organization. In the first half, he warned about emerging and future threats of artificial intelligence (AI), particularly in relation to China, which he characterized as a "gangster regime." There is a small group of families that run China's government, he contended, and one of them "ordered the persecution and death camps" of Tibetans, Christians, and Uighurs. He also talked about China's disturbing practice of organ harvesting, sometimes on living people detained in the prison camps. China incorporates capitalism to power and fund its communist one-rule party, he added.

The Chinese communist regime is working on an invisible force or weapon to take out not only world leaders, but usher in their AI system for global enslavement, Parsa said, adding that COVID-19 could be considered such a weapon. He is particularly concerned about an advanced level of AI called AGI-- a robotic or digital network that can make conscious decisions. China is mining biometric data from millions of people worldwide and wants to clone human memories into robots or doubles, which could potentially be weaponized against the population, he asserted. Artificial super-intelligence, including invisible nanotechnology and drones could be used to take over the Chinese communist party itself as a singular control system within the next five years, he posited.


David Weatherly is a renaissance man of the strange and supernatural. He has traveled the world in search of mysterious monsters, ghosts, magic, and legends. In the latter half, he shared his latest work on the history of haunted dolls. The haunted doll trade has become its own market, he reported, with dozens of listings on eBay and websites. Robert the Doll could be considered the "granddaddy" of modern haunted dolls, he continued, and may even have been the inspiration for the Chucky movies. Dolls themselves go back thousands of years and have been found in ancient Egyptian sites. Interestingly, he noted that some of the first dolls were not used as toys but rather for magic and rituals, which could be a connection to hauntings.

Weatherly recounted the tale of a doll collected by Ross Allison named "Mr. Creepy," a ventriloquist dummy that reportedly shifted positions within its glass case. In one photograph, its reflection took on a more human-like quality. A 2-ft.-tall doll named "Peggy" at Zak Bagan's haunted museum in Las Vegas was said to cause heart attacks for people viewing it in online videos. At Bagan's museum tour, very few people are willing to risk viewing the doll which is placed in a separate room, Weatherly detailed. Perhaps objects can become haunted through someone instilling energy into it, he surmised, such as when a child carries around a favorite doll for years.

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