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Child Trafficking

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Filmmaker Josh Peck joined Richard Syrett (Twitter) to tackle the difficult topic of child sex trafficking and expose the true depths of this evil. Peck started his research on the subject while working on a short documentary film and quickly realized that there were actually "trafficking rings in my small town that were being busted." While admitting that it is difficult to get any real statistics on child sex trafficking, Peck said that conservative estimates say that about 500,000 children are involved every day in some way, but that the actual numbers may be closer to 1.2 million. While some are nabbed by kidnapping, Peck said he has found that many times they are recruited through places like Boys and Girls Clubs and even churches. He commented that the U.S. is "ranked one of the worst countries in the world for human trafficking."

His research indicates that only 1% of these crimes are ever reported and sometimes up to three decades after they occur, when the evidence is much more difficult to uncover or follow. He said that even suburban children from supposedly stable homes are not safe, since they can be recruited without the parents' knowledge. Children who are "withdrawn, loners, children who do not have the best relationship with their parents" can be targets for recruitment, Peck said. He has found that the average age of the children is 12-15 years and that their life expectancy can be very short. Many die, he reported, from abuse, drug overdoses, or even suicide.

Peck discussed the infamous "Finders" case of the late 1980s as a sort of touchstone for the present situation. He recalled that the case involved an official investigation of a supposedly "futurist, New Age" group in the Washington, D.C. area that was allegedly abusing children and covering up the evidence. Peck claimed there is evidence that the CIA was using this group in some way that was useful to them and "more important than the safety of the children," and this shut down any official investigation. He also delved into the enigma of the Jeffery Epstein scandal, saying he was most likely killed because he "was a threat to someone higher up, or he outlived his usefulness." He also believes the current case against his compatriot Ghislaine Maxwell will depend on "what kind of evidence she has" and the public outcry for an investigation. He concluded that "there is nothing more foundational and basic than how we treat our children."


The first hour featured scientist Richard Alan Miller, a pioneer in the annals of metaphysical and paranormal exploration. Dr. Miller talked about how metaphysics is not about magical illusions but is real "magick," or what you might call "sleight of mind." He said that this grandfather taught Houdini how to develop his stage act and then said that he himself was tested for his abilities in an occult society and was "bound in a chain and immersed in a tub of water until I passed or I died." Miller said that his years of metaphysical study has made him realize that "man's ability to conceptualize, limits his view of the universe." In other words, you may only be limited by what you can imagine.

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