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Alternative Health / 'Chicago Phantom' & Cryptids

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In the first half, pharmacist, nutritionist, and cosmetic chemist, Ben Fuchs shared alternative health concepts, and offered tips on supplements and healthy changes to one's diet and lifestyle. Regarding the upcoming Thanksgiving celebration, he noted that as we get older, it's beneficial to eat less food. People often need to nap after eating a large meal, and one of the reasons individuals are chronically fatigued is that they're overeating, he suggested. An overall lower caloric intake is associated with a longer lifespan, he added. For vegetarians, he recommended at least eating eggs, which pack in many nutrients not found elsewhere. Vegans, who eat no animal protein, may be at higher risk for bone fractures, a recent study has found.

Continuing on the topic of diet, he reported that those with Alzheimer's lose the desire to eat, and eventually even lose the ability to eat. He associated this condition with Type 3 diabetes, blood sugar issues, and a digestive system breakdown. Problems with the intestines and digestion can lead to toxins entering the bloodstream and inflammation. To counteract, he suggested taking probiotics, enzymes, and relaxing the body through meditation and deep breathing, as well as exercise. For foot care, Fuchs recommended exfoliating the skin by soaking the feet in apple cider vinegar and warm water. He also talked about how a ketogenic diet can be used to alleviate neuropathy (often linked to diabetes).


Fortean and paranormal researcher Lon Strickler has written books on unexplained, mysterious, and bizarre encounters. In the latter half, he discussed the many sightings this year in Chicago of a flying humanoid creature he calls the "Chicago Phantom." He also shared updates on other strange sightings and cryptids. The first sightings of the flying beings came into MUFON during 2017. They are described as 6-7 ft. tall, dark in color, very emaciated, and have wings that are 10-15 ft. in width. Many of them have red eyes, he said, and "they seem to have an ability to jettison themselves without even using the wings," often emitting a screeching sound as they take off.

There are around 120 credible sightings, he reported, with many of the most recent ones near Chicago's O'Hare Airport. In one instance, a witness described seeing one of the winged beings with a Grey extraterrestrial and two female humanoids. UFOs are also associated with the winged creatures, he added. Witnesses of the flying creatures in the O'Hare vicinity include pilots, TSA employees, and an air traffic controller from this past July, Strickler cited. He differentiated the Chicago Phantom from recent sightings of jetpack fliers, noting the creatures take flight with their own wings, and are sometimes observed on the ground. Among other strange encounters, he detailed sightings of "gargoyles" in Florida, 'Manta Ray' flying cryptids, and an upright canine investigated in Pennsylvania.

News segment guests: John M. Curtis, Charles Coppes

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