Alternative Health / Asteroid Threat & Lockdown

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Alternative Health / Asteroid Threat & Lockdown

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In the first half, Dr. Joel Wallach discussed alternative health approaches and the benefits of remedies and supplements that aid in the body's recovery from many diseases and ailments. He talked about how people from countries in Asia (who have diets lower in gluten) are faring significantly better with COVID than the US population. Doc Wallach believes that gluten products damage the intestines and bone marrow function, which relates to the immune response. The COVID vaccine, he added, will work much better for people on non-gluten diets. More on this in his video, "The Manchurian Prescription." 

The mineral selenium supports the immune system and the liver, he continued. Neuropathy in the feet and peripheral areas is usually due to body shrinkage and degenerative disc disease, Wallach said, which he associates with mineral deficiencies. Exercise, which is useful for getting the circulation going, can be detrimental if a person is not supplementing, he suggested. Though Wallach walks five miles a day (divided into smaller intervals), he said he takes such things as MSM, Vitamin D3, and collagen peptides, which help rebuild cartilage and tissue.


In the latter half, activist, filmmaker, and radio talk show host Shepard Ambellas presented his contention that the lockdown in the COVID era is a guise by governments to test out how the population responds to a massive natural disaster or asteroid strike. He believes that the risk of an asteroid collision with Earth is underplayed or hidden by governmental authorities. For instance, back in late April of this year, there was an unprecedented situation with over 40 asteroids converging near Earth over three days, he claimed, with a secret joint military task force on standby.

Further, Ambellas stated that a 10-year contract from 2014 to 2024 has been signed with Brazil, Argentina, and Australia to house displaced US citizens if the Yellowstone supervolcano or Long Valley Caldera were to blow. He also cited concerns about a huge "perturber" object such as Planet X that can create havoc and climatic disasters as it draws closer to us (as it's done in previous cycles). According to his research, he's concluded that COVID-type lockdowns will continue through 2024, and that governments have been hoarding food to store away.

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