Escaping Prison Planet / Drive-in Theater UFOs

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Escaping Prison Planet / Drive-in Theater UFOs

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During the first half of the program, author Brad Olsen joined Richard Syrett (Twitter) to delve into his latest work, Beyond Esoteric: Escaping Prison Planet — a "labor of love" that took Olsen six years to complete. Control over America began at the country's founding, he explained, pointing to key moments in history including the Act of 1871, which essentially made the United States a corporation with foreign lease holders. "We are basically in the jurisdiction of this overseas corporation that holds us in this... unlawful form of government," he said. The Act of 1871 also installed the District of Columbia as a new independent city-state (part of a control triad along with London and Vatican City), Olsen added.

"We're set up to be minions for this corporation," he continued. Individuals are treated from cradle to grave as commodities, and part of that ownership can be seen on federal identification documents which put people's names in all caps, Olsen revealed. He commented on the Federal Reserve System which he suggested has put U.S. citizens in perpetual debt. "There was never an opportunity that we'd ever to be able to pay this off," he opined. According to Olsen, we are entrapped in this world, controlled by debt, and the elite have hidden machinations to keep us in place. Even our spiritual growth has been hindered, he noted. One way to break free of our prison planet would be to allow free trade within countries and for these nations to use their own currencies, Olsen proposed.


In the latter part of the show, veteran UFO researcher Preston Dennett shared some of the cases he has uncovered in which UFOs have targeted drive-in theaters, hovering at low altitudes for extended periods, and observed by hundreds of witnesses. Dennett expressed his surprise about how many cases he discovered relating to drive-in UFOs. "These were not normal encounters... these things were coming down very low level, long-lasting, often putting on some kind of show," he reported, noting there is nothing else like it in UFO literature. Dennett cited several case, including one from July 17, 1954 involving the director of the National UFO Reporting Center, Peter Davenport, who along with many other witnesses spotted an eerie red light hovering near the Skyline Drive-In in Missouri.

"Whatever is going on here really ramped up in the 60s and 70s," he continued. In June 1974 a group of friends went to a midnight showing of The Exorcist at the East Park Drive-In in Syracuse, New York. Suddenly they noticed a circle of lights over their car and beams of light hitting the screen, Dennett revealed. He suggested drive-in theaters may be in some way calling UFOs down. Dennett shared a case from August 12, 1952 in which Lieutenant Jenkins and hundreds of others witnessed an object hovering over the screen at the Terrace Drive-In in Bakersfield, California. Jenkins contacted a local sheriff who took witness statements to the Air Force, he disclosed. "[The Air Force] knew about this and paid very close attention to these types of cases," Dennett said. He speculated the UFOs have been targeting drive-ins directly because their agenda involves announcing their presence to the world.

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