Shared Death Experiences / Shadow Work & Divination

Shared Death Experiences / Shadow Work & Divination


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsPaul Perry, Renee Watt

Author and documentary filmmaker Paul Perry has been on the front lines of near-death experience (NDE) research since 1985, when he met Raymond Moody. In the first half, he discussed the phenomenon of shared death experiences (SDE), which point to intriguing aspects of our consciousness, and the relationship between mind and body. An SDE occurs when a bystander shares the otherworldly experience of what a dying person is going through. This can take the form of some of the phenomena associated with NDEs, such as being out of body, encountering deceased loved ones, traveling in a tunnel, or an altered sense of time, he outlined. Crisis apparitions, such as when a dying person appears in spectral form or in a dream to a loved one, could also be considered an example of SDEs, he said.

SDEs can include premonitions, healing visions, a mist seen leaving the dying body, and inexplicable music heard at the deathbed. Researchers in the 19th century, for instance, documented the case of a dying girl named Lilly, whose relatives heard harp-like music around her bed for several days before and after her death. Newly studied in the field of SDEs is the phenomenon of Terminal Lucidity, Perry reported. This involves patients that have been comatose for months or even years, who suddenly wake up and speak normally or recite a poem or song, just hours before dying. What's especially curious about this phenomenon, he noted, is that some of the patients literally have no brain waves or mental function, and this could be an instance where the mind leaves the body. Perry announced that he is starting an online university with Lisa Smartt called The Light District.


Psychic and witch Renee Watt was introduced to divination at ten years of age through her family. In the latter half, she talked about her shadow work and how to use psychic awakenings, witchcraft, and tarot for personal growth, and tuning in to messages from the universe to improve one's life. Shadow work involves taking accountability for why you might be unhappy and analyzing the role one plays in their dissatisfaction, she detailed. This type of work probes unconscious patterns, but many people don't want to admit they engage with triggering habits, she added.

Rituals and meditation can be part of shadow work. Watt described a ceremony she conducted to help with her procrastination issues. She anoints a black candle with sage oil from base to wick and then announces her intention to banish procrastination. Rituals like this, she explained, can be a powerful way to tap into the psyche, and take intentions a step further than just stating a goal in your mind. She also talked about her tarot practice and how she often works with two decks at once. During the last hour, she offered card readings for callers who sought her counsel for various problems and concerns.

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