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COVID & AI / ETs & Healing

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Cyrus A. Parsa of the A.I. Organization is a security professional whose specialties include emerging threats, anti-terrorism, smart technology, bio-digital programming, artificial intelligence, and social media manipulation. In the first half, he argued that COVID-19 was likely a bio-weapon produced in China, and targeted America's leaders. Parsa reported that in 2018, he "saw a vision that a bio-weapon was going to be released and it was going to hit President Trump and other people in his staff." He said he subsequently shared this info with the Secret Service in a five-page brief. COVID is a mutating and replicating virus, and the RNA technology in the vaccine catches and stops the replication. "But then you're going to need upgrade shots, and if it gets worse, at some point you may need to merge with AI" through some form of bio-engineering, he asserted.

While Parsa admires AI developments, he's concerned that Big Tech wants to use them to create super-intelligences that can take over the planet, and convince people to merge with the technology. Through bio-engineering and geo-engineering, humans could be constantly connected to the Internet, Starlink (satellites), and the smart city ground system, but he views this as a nefarious form of control. "The entire world," he lamented, "will not only be a surveillance planet...but it can be enslaved so easily when you hook up all the machines."


Channeling medium and healer from England, Christopher Macklin, utilizes divine healing techniques cultivated through communications with the spirit world and extraterrestrials. In the latter half, he discussed his healing practice, various ETs, a "Galactic Federation," and portals. Formed eons ago, the Federation helps "police the third-dimensional world," he cited and includes such ET representatives as the Pleiadians, Arcturians, Lyrans, the Melchizedeck race (from an alternate dimension), among a multitude of others. Macklin claims to sit on the council as well. The Federation, he added, monitors Reptilians and the Anunnaki, mostly negative alien species that are trying to seize control of Earth.

Several Arcturian craft came through a portal Macklin said he opened up and then closed. He described the Andromedan race as blue in color. Regarding his healing methods, he works with light beings to re-balance the body's energy fields. Sometimes Macklin draws in Melchizedeck beings from a portal to assist in healings. More recently, he's developed a protocol that splits a person's timeline in two. He seeks to move the individual into the new timeline of divine alignment and complete wellness. Macklin also spoke about removing negative ET attachments that instigate medical issues.

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