Romans in America / Mediumship & Spirits

Romans in America / Mediumship & Spirits


HostRichard Syrett

GuestsDavid S. Brody, Sloan Bella

In David Brody's new novel, Romerica, the wreckage of a Roman-era ship is discovered off the coast of Massachusetts' Plum Island, and Roman coins and artifacts are found scattered around New England and the Ohio River Valley. Brody joined host Richard Syrett (Twitter) to discuss Romerica and the evidence for ancient Romans in America (related images). Brody sits on the board of the New England Antiquities Research Association — a non-profit organization of amateur historians and archaeologists dedicated to understanding the historic past of the region and skeptical of accepted mainstream history. "The group's goal is to figure out... who built all these mysterious stone structures and carvings and towers that we find scattered around the landscape in the Northeast," he said.

According to Brody, there is an abundance of evidence in New England and Ohio River Valley for Roman-era presence in those regions. He revealed information about the discovery of a supposed ancient Roman shipwreck off the coast of the north shore of Massachusetts. Though he has been unable to verify the claim he did include it in his novel. There have been several incidents of Roman-era coins washing ashore in Massachusetts after major storms, he continued. "When you see that many Roman coins clustered in a ten-mile area... there's a Roman ship or ships wrecked out there," Brody suggested. He thinks it is plausible that a Roman-era ship found its way across the Atlantic, got shipwrecked, and additional Roman ships either came looking for it or followed it over.


During the second half of the program, psychic medium and astrologer Sloan Bella talked about the tragic death of her son and how she has remained in contact with him since his passing. On July 29, 2020, Bella's son Keith was apparently run off the road while riding his motorcycle. "I had really odd feelings about one of my children passing... and I was hoping I was wrong," Bella recalled. She suggested his untimely death may have been the result of an imbalance of energy which caused him to veer from his life path. Bella expressed gratitude to the Buddhist monks and bystanders who prayed over her son after his accident. "Keith was very well protected on his way out of this Earth," she said.

According to Bella, our physical existence on Earth is like being stuck in energetic quick sand. Only when we pass on are we truly able to be free and shine as spirit beings. "We really live once we cross out of here," she continued, noting she felt Keith cross over. Bella believes her son has communicated with her through household objects, including moving an artificial flower on her porch and creating his face in a throw blanket. She has picked up energy indicating Keith does not wish to come back from the other side, but is hopeful communications with him will get clearer as time goes on. "I feel him, I just don't feel him the way I felt other people," Bella admitted.



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