John Truman Wolfe

John Truman Wolfe


John Truman Wolfe is a best-selling author and the editor/publisher of the Strategic Financial Intelligence monthly newsletter, dealing with investing, the economy, and politics. He has been a senior credit officer for two California banks and is a co-founder of the Los Angeles-based business management company, Wiseman & Burke, Inc., where he oversaw the business and financial affairs of some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Now retired from Wiseman & Burke, Inc., John currently devotes his time to writing and speaking. John Truman Wolfe is the pen name of Bruce Wiseman.



Past Shows:

  • Metaverse & Virtual Real Estate / Psychic Mediumship

    Author and former banker John Truman Wolfe discussed the rapidly growing metaverse and virtual real estate. Followed by psychic medium Amy O'Pry Massey on her path to communicating with spirits.More »
  • The Metaverse & NFTs / ET Battleground

    Financial writer John Truman Wolfe talked about how the metaverse will be a dominant force, along with the rise of NFTs and digital real estate. Followed by channeling medium Christopher Macklin on positive and negative ETs and their opposing agendas.More »
  • Digital Currency & Privacy / ET Guides & Spirits

    Author John Truman Wolfe discussed the plan for a digital currency by central banks to replace cash. Followed by psychic Vincent Genna on his ET spirit guides and spiritual insights.More »
  • Financial Crisis / Messages from Spirit

    John Truman Wolfe discussed the rocky state of the economy, and COVID conspiracies. Followed by Hollister Rand on her communications with the Other Side.More »
  • Extreme Economy/ Ghost Investigation Tools

    John Truman Wolfeshared his analysis of the extreme conditions in the financial markets. Followed by Ted VanSon on the technology of ghost investigations.More »
  • Finance Forecast/ Atlantis Legend

    John Truman Wolfe discussed the state of the US and world economies. Followed by Andrew Collins on the location of Atlantis, and the cataclysm that befell it.More »
  • Coming Financial Crisis/ Reality, Illusion, & Control

    In the first half, the author of The Coming Financial Crisis, John Truman Wolfe, discussed the state of the US and world economies and why he thinks the events of 2007 and 2008 were a prelude for more economic disaster. In the latter half, David Icke, a full-time...More »
  • Corporate Oligarchy & Geopolitics / Economic Crisis

    In the first half, analyst of geopolitics and foreign policy, Craig Hulet, commented on America's economic woes, as well as the turmoil in Ukraine and Israel, and other hotspots. In the latter half, author and ex-banker John Truman Wolfe, the editor/publisher of The Hard...More »
  • Banking Fraud Special

    Four banking experts (Robert Mazur, Barry James Dyke, William K. Black and John Truman Wolfe) joined John B. Wells, in separate hours,and exposed the terrifying truth about how corrupt bankers and businessmen manipulate complex international financial systems to serve drug...More »
  • Financial Crisis Special

    In separate hours, three guests addressed future and current economic crises. First, global financial strategist Peter Schiff argued that the crisis of 2008 is nothing compared to what is coming; former senior banking officer John Truman Wolfe discussed how the current world...More »
  • Financial Coup

    Author and ex-banker John Truman Wolfe argued that the current world economic crisis is an international coup designed to take down the U.S. dollar and install a global financial machine. First hour guest Richard C. Hoagland commented on such topics as the Japanese space...More »

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