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Throughout his career as a civil engineer, Barry Strohm didn’t believe much in the paranormal, he told Connie Willis (info) in the first half. He said his mind was changed after he discovered the antique gallery he and his wife owned was very haunted, however. Around this time, Strohm also began taking photographs of the Civil War battlefield at nearby Gettysburg, where he claimed to have captured images of ghosts and fairies. Soon, he was communicating with spirits through messages they spelled out on a channeling board, he recalled. Strohm reported that it was at this time that Jesus Christ, his mother Mary, and the spirits of aliens and celebrities including Robin Williams and Marilyn Monroe began to communicate through the board. But eventually, Strohm explained, he was able to receive these communications directly through his mind.

Although he believes the Bible to be a great book, Strohm contended, it became clear through his numerous communications with Jesus that many biblical accounts of his life are incomplete, inaccurate, or simply untrue. Strohm cited the bible’s silence on much of Jesus’ life before age 28, its portrayal of the wise men who visited him following his birth, and even its assertion that Jesus rose from the dead—all of which he claims Jesus has clarified and corrected for him personally—as evidence of human error, mistranslation, or the ulterior motives of religious authorities. In what Strohm offered as a live message from Jesus, he relayed a statement encouraging listeners to turn away from hatred, embrace love for their fellow humans, and eschew violence.


Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program. Kevin in Scottsdale, Arizona, who described himself as "a student of the paranormal, prophecy, and the Bible," wondered whether previous guest Barry Strohm had ever verified that it is actually Jesus Christ with whom he communicates. He pointed to the Bible's requirement that anyone interacting with otherworldly entities "test the spirits" to determine their allegiance to good or evil. Using his own sister's experiences with the otherworldly as an example, Kevin explained that the spirit must be asked "Who is Jesus Christ?" Benevolent entities, he said, will always answer that Jesus is the Son of God, or the Messiah, while evil spirits will avoid giving such an answer.

Henry in Las Vegas discussed the story of his own abduction by aliens several years ago. He recounted being taken to a plus-sign shaped pit, where he saw cuneiform-like writing on its walls featuring a stamped image of a winged lizard. He also encountered a blonde human female who he believed to be a slave of his abductors, and saw a "prominent jet-back pyramid." And Thomas in New Jersey revealed a new science, based upon the words we use in conversation, that he argued could "change the creativity of America to its full power." Words in our "alpha-stored memories" promote love, understanding, and positivity, while the negative words in our "beta-stored memories" are of "lower frequency" and should be avoided, he said.

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