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Communication with Spirits / Open Lines

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For occultist and paranormal researcher Kaedrich Olsen, communication with the spirit world has been a normal part of life from the beginning. In the show’s first half, he shared stories of his childhood, including his experiences growing up in a house he called "extremely haunted." His family also attended a church that hosted activities like séances and the channeling of spirits, he recounted. It was as a youngster, Olsen said, that he also met the "shadow people," mischievous spirits who also lived in the neighborhood. He explained that although he was initially frightened and irritated by the antics of the shadow people, his interactions with them were a turning point: he began to learn how to develop positive relationships with paranormal beings, and to avoid the more negative or harmful spirits. Like living people, Olsen asserted, spirits deserve—and respond to—respect and dignity, and over the years he became more adept at managing his paranormal relationships. However, Olsen warned, engaging with the spirit world should not be undertaken without careful consideration. "It’ll change the way you see reality," he explained, and advised that "if you’re not ready to make the paranormal a permanent part of your normal life, don’t dabble."

Olsen also offered a "deep dive" into his definition of the paranormal and the concept of evil, which draws upon the Norse mystical tradition as revealed through ancient runes. During the second hour, Olsen offered readings to callers, in which he said he was channeling the spirits of their deceased loved ones. One caller, who had lost her mother and her sister, asked Olsen whether they were together in the afterlife. Another listener related the story of the passing of his mother and grandmother, and wanted Olsen to check on them and send his greetings.


In the latter half, listeners called in to the show’s Open Lines to speak with George about what was on their minds. Included among the callers was Jim from Cleveland, who said he has a visual impairment, and wondered whether he’d be able to see during astral projection. He pondered different aspects of the experience: what or who is encountered while in this state? How do you know when it’s time to return to your body? Prompted by Clancy in Indiana, George told the story of looking for UFOs using night vision goggles. And calling from California, Edward shared the connections he’d discovered between the Book of Revelation and World War II.

During the last half-hour, George played a recording of his conversation about ghosts with parapsychologist Brandon Massullo.

News segment guests: Jeff Nelken, Kevin Randle, Tim Binnall


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