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Mars Exploration / Psychic Skills

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In the first half, aerospace and defense systems developer Charles Shults III gave an update on the latest rapid advances in robotics, artificial intelligence, and space, with a particular focus on Mars exploration. Three different spacecraft all arrived on Mars this past February, including one from the United Arab Emirates that has a mission to create a climate map. The Chinese mission there, he continued, combines an orbiter, lander, and rover, and is going to the same region that Viking landed at (Utopia Planitia) in 1976. The Chinese rover, he added, is equipped with ground penetrating radar that could detect underground water, or possibly locate areas where there are signs of life. While Shults believes that the high-resolution photos of the 'Face on Mars' revealed it was "nothing more than a hillside," he contends there is strong evidence for marine fossils on the Red Planet.

In terms of advancing space exploration, he recommends putting factories in orbit that can manufacture materials with off-planet resources. Robotic manufacturing making use of sophisticated 3D printers could evolve into self-creating factories that turn out sheet metal, plastics, and "all things you need to make microchips, breathable air, and hydroponic gardens," he enthused. The James Webb space telescope, which has been on hold for several years, finally has a launch date this October. It's going to be a real advancement over the Hubble, Shults said, offering increased resolution on what we can see outside of our solar system. 


Renowned psychic medium and author Matt Fraser has conducted thousands of readings worldwide, reconnecting friends & family with the spirits of those who are no longer with us. In the latter half, he talked about how to connect with the spirit world, and what it's like on the "Other Side." Intuition is the basic building block of psychic ability, he explained, "and the more that you listen to it, the more you can grow it." In a sense, "we are our own medium," he continued, and we can all tap into this energy-- "it's not just given to a select few." Individuals will find that their psychic abilities have different focuses or strengths, he added, like those who have precognitive dreams, intuitives who can tell things about people when first meeting them, and medical mediums who sense the maladies of others within their own bodies.

He shared an exercise to enhance or tune into your intuition. The next time you're driving to a busy location where getting a parking spot may be difficult, "instead of trying to think where the spot is, feel where the spot is," and just let your intuition guide you to it. As far as trying to communicate with the deceased, he suggested that grief can block the energy that facilitates this. By clearing the mind, such as by focusing on white light, you are more receptive to receiving messages from spirits, he noted. Fraser also talked about how sometimes people's departed pets share messages with their owners and that they often are waiting for us in the afterlife. During the last hour, he shared messages for callers from their deceased loved ones.

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