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Astrology Alignments / Experiencing Heaven

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In the first half, astrologer Mark Lerner discussed planetary alignments that will affect global business, finance, and our personal lives and psychology. Some of the minor or dwarf planets discovered in recent years beyond Pluto can have an astrological effect, he noted, including Sedna, Eris, and Chiron. On May 1st, America began a cycle with Neptune, in which the planet moved opposite where it was when the US started in 1776. The last time this happened, he pointed out, was during the lead-up to the Civil War in the 1850s (and around the time of the coronal mass ejection Carrington Event). This Neptune cycle may create confusion in American lives, he added-- even though the outer planet can represent positive things like compassion, it also has a chaotic shadow side.

We are still dealing with the clashing of Saturn and Uranus and their differing sensibilities (which began in February), he said, and the nation of Israel has been particularly affected by this, as we can see from the recent conflicts there. A partial lunar eclipse on November 19th and a total solar eclipse on December 4th may also have astrological effects, Lerner noted. In a general way, our sun signs are something that we grow into reflective of our soul and character, he explained, whereas the moon in one's birth chart relates to the personality. During the second hour, Mark gave readings for callers based on their birthdates. For more, check out his AstroScope podcast.


Brent C. Satterfield invented DNA testing technologies that have impacted millions of people in more than fifty countries. Following multiple out-of-body occurrences in which he experienced heaven, he became a student of consciousness, faith, and experiences of God in cultures around the world. In the latter half, he described his other-worldly encounters and insights. He had a total of five different spontaneous out-of-body or near-death experiences where he found himself in a heavenly state. This state felt to him like our true way of being, as though he was waking up from the dream of one's life in a physical body. While there, he saw a beautiful temple with a radiant fountain. The colors are different than what we have here, he continued, and you see with a part of yourself that is more expansive than your eyes.

He detailed a series of encounters with angelic beings, Jesus, and even God. "It was like being hooked up to a divine Internet," he said, in which every question was instantly answered with a kind of immediate understanding. Jesus, who took him through a life review, was an opalescent light being and "loving beyond anything I'd ever known before," Satterfield recalled. He was shown that human consciousness will be transformed as old belief systems drop away and more and more people awaken. "Ironically," he said, "going into the presence of God is the opposite of judgment. It's the freedom from it. It is this absolute release where you're finally accepted for what and who you are."

News segment guests: John M. Curtis, Charles Coppes

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