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Climate Theories / Shadow Beings

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A research geophysicist with the USGS for 27 years, Peter Langdon Ward helped develop and manage a major national research program, chaired a committee at the White House, testified before Congress, worked on a committee for Vice President Gore, and published more than 50 scientific papers. In the first half, he discussed theories on why the Earth's temperature has risen one degree since 1970, including carbon dioxide, volcanoes, the ozone layer, and climate cycles. After running across specific data in 2006, he concluded that the greenhouse gas explanation for global warming (believed by most scientists) is faulty. Ward is concerned that massive money is being spent unnecessarily to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Humans did cause a previous rise in temperature (1970-1998), he conceded. It was connected to ozone depletion but was corrected by reducing the use of products with CFCs.

Then in 2014, we had an enormous eruption of balsatic lava (in Iceland), and this led to rapid ozone depletion and a sudden warming from 2014 to 2016, he cited. "As we go back through the whole history of Earth, every time we find major balsatic flows...then we have major warming," he asserted. Ward pointed to ozone depletion as the cause behind the droughts plaguing the western United States in the last ten years. He also differentiated the concept of weather (what happens every day) from climate (what happens long term, averaged over years and centuries), as well as touched on the possibilities of earthquakes in California and a volcanic eruption at Yellowstone.


In the latter half, author Heidi Hollis spoke about her research into the phenomena of Shadow People and the mysterious "Hat Man," as well as her angelic interactions. Shadow beings can take on different forms that are amorphous, or like animals such as rodents or spiders, she detailed, adding that she'd had personal encounters with the spider variety that menacingly dropped down from the ceiling akin to tentacles. Rather than a shadow, she characterized the evil Hat Man as a more solid-appearing entity that has been around for centuries, though he changes his look over time. The Hat man, Hollis continued, can physically torment individuals by biting, scratching, or molesting them.

She suggested that Hat Man is the same as "Ahriman," a demonic spirit known by ancient Arabic people (Rudolf Steiner created an image of Ahriman in a wood carving). Hollis described an angelic experience that took place in a kind of lucid dream, in which evolved white-robed beings demonstrated how they communicated with God, using thought-pictures as prayer. She subsequently has used this method as a more effective form of prayer. Hollis also recalled how at a young age, she had seizures, and during these episodes, she would travel to an otherworldly place where ancient buildings were made of crystal, and angelic beings resided. For more, check out Heidi's show, "Dark Becomes Light," part of the C2C Paranormal Podcast Network.

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