Conan Doyle & Jack the Ripper / Open Lines

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Conan Doyle & Jack the Ripper / Open Lines

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Practicing pediatrician Dr. Dan Friedman is also an independent true crime researcher. In the first half, he joined Ian Punnett (Twitter) to discuss the relationship between Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and the notorious serial killer Jack the Ripper. He presented evidence in support of his theory that Doyle was, in fact, Jack the Ripper, drawing upon Doyle's personal history and fiction writing, as well as the facts of the Ripper case. Doyle's childhood and adolescence were marked by abuse at the hands of his parents and teachers, as well as by violence committed by himself against his peers, Friedman said. He also noted that Doyle's career as a physician also pointed to a darker side, including his involvement in animal mutilation and drug use. In addition, Friedman speculated, Doyle may have harbored a deep-seated resentment toward the prostitutes visited by his father. Taken together, he argued, these factors could account for the psychopathy and cruelty displayed in the Ripper murders.

More clues that Doyle and Jack the Ripper were one and the same can be seen in the details of the killer's behavior, Friedman asserted. The Ripper's victims, for instance, exhibited a sophistication in their injuries suggesting that they were inflicted by a medical professional, as well as by a freemason (which Doyle was). The letters the killer sent to the police also used language similar to that of Doyle in his writing, and were written on paper of a quality used by him. Doyle even made indirect references to details of the Ripper murders in his Sherlock Holmes fiction stories, Friedman explained.


Open Lines followed in the latter half. Several listeners from different locations in the United States shared their personal experiences with UFOs and UAPs. Another caller in New Jersey expressed her belief that unicorns are mentioned in the Bible, and therefore must exist. A listener in Las Vegas also related the details of a dream he had about President Kennedy that seemed to be linked to unusual behavior on the part of his wristwatch.

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