Radical Longevity / Bible Prophecy

Radical Longevity / Bible Prophecy


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsAnn Louise Gittleman, Paul Begley

In the first half, nutritionist Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD discussed the latest science on longevity, staving off the effects of aging, and releasing a lifetime of accumulated toxins. To illustrate the dramatic improvement she hopes to see through her nutrition advice, Gittleman stated, "My goal is to make 70 the new 40, and 90 the new 60." This is accomplished, she explained, through adopting a new mental framework toward aging that she calls radical longevity. This strategy involves eliminating the accumulated effects of lifestyle choices, toxicity in the body, and nutritional deficiency, Gittleman said. She also observed that populations with the longest lifespans, such as those in Okinawa, Sardinia, and Costa Rica, share a few key traits in common: a healthy diet, regular exercise, and, most important, strong social connections. Gittleman did not, however, cite the genetics of these populations as a major factor in longevity.

Gittleman offered a number of specific nutritional steps that she said would prevent disease and premature death. She especially recommended the Mediterranean diet, which emphasizes foods like olive oil, legumes including lentils and chickpeas, lamb, and wine—although she advised that nightshade vegetables often found in this cuisine such as tomatoes, potatoes, and eggplants should be avoided. But just as crucial as what we eat, Gittleman argued, is the way we prepare our food. She admonished listeners to stop using cookware and utensils made of copper, aluminum, or iron, for example, and encouraged marinating and slow-cooking techniques rather than frying or grilling. While she acknowledged that her nutritional philosophy often puts her at odds with the mainstream medical establishment, Gittleman stood by her claims, calling herself "fearless" and asserting that "the truth is very important."


In the latter half, fourth-generation preacher Pastor Paul Begley talked about how biblical prophecy is lining up with scientific discovery and current events, including unrest in the Middle East, water and food shortages, and plagues. Large-scale misfortunes like these in the present day, Begley contended, should be understood as signs that the apocalypse is close at hand. Though he conceded that such problems have been documented throughout human history, and even perceived as signals that "the end is near" in their own day, Begley said that a marked increase in their frequency and intensity in recent years points to the conclusion that the biblical apocalypse will begin within about a decade.

Begley gave several examples of recent events that have him convinced of humanity's inevitable plunge into the end times we will soon experience. Among those he mentioned were the multiple wildfires, earthquakes, and swarms of pests that have occurred within relatively small geographical areas in the past few years. He also warned of the Great Deception, in which the Antichrist described in the Bible convinces the nations of the world that he is prepared and capable of solving the problems the apocalypse has introduced. In accordance with scripture, Begley related, the Antichrist will also be recognized by the image of a serpent he adopts as his symbol. Although his religious faith allows him to consider the coming apocalypse without fear for his own well-being, Begley shared that he is very concerned for the suffering and destruction that others on Earth will experience.

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