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Mark Mincolla has a Ph.D. in health from Columbia Pacific University and is a holistic practitioner of thirty-seven years. In the first half, he discussed the nature of miracles—where they come from, the role they play in our lives, and how to increase our chances of experiencing them ourselves. While miracles often do come from divine entities such as God or angels, Mincolla argued that the potential for the most amazing and beneficial miracles comes from a much closer place: within ourselves. By tapping into delta waves of the brain, he explained, people can employ a method for harvesting miracles. This is accomplished through methods Mincolla has developed, involving breathing exercises, meditation, and trance-like states, he said. He also noted that, aside from the immediate benefits and solutions they provide, miracles also confer longer-term happiness and positivity upon their recipients.

Listeners were invited to share their own stories of miraculous events with Mincolla. Callers included a man in California who related a series of uncanny coincidences on his wedding day, as well as an Illinois woman who told of her baby's fall down a flight of steps, which she believes was broken by a guardian angel, leaving him unharmed. Another listener in Illinois expressed her wish to believe in miracles as her friends did, but wondered whether they were correct in their assertion that she had to share their particular religious faith to receive miraculous blessings. Mincolla encouraged her to focus on visualizing the possibilities of the miraculous in her life, which he said would allow her to cultivate miracles on her own.


In the latter half, celebrity psychic Michelle Whitedove shared the story of how she uses her abilities to help others, and made predictions for the world in the short-term future. Among the misfortunes she sees ahead, she said, are an impending economic depression, issues with China, and the continued mutation of the coronavirus, which will prolong the effects of the current pandemic. Whitedove encouraged people to use prayer and meditation to create positive change, and gave predictions on several cryptocurrencies. She also touched upon the reason she believes that so many UFOs have shown up recently.

Whitedove clarified the meanings of the terms "psychic" and "medium," which are sometimes used interchangeably. While all mediums are psychics, in that they both utilize extrasensory abilities to gain knowledge not normally available to them, not all psychics are mediums: those who can sense communications from entities in the spirit world.

In the final hour, Michelle did live readings of listeners who called in with their astrological sign and questions. She reassured a caller in North Carolina that his parents, who had both died in the past year, were together and in a better place, and sent him their love. A California woman asked why the number 1111 was so prevalent in her life; Michelle responded that this number is of high spiritual value, and that the caller's repeated encounters with it are the spirit world's way of revealing their presence to her.

News segment guests: Dr. Peter Breggin, Kevin Randle

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