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Date Host George Noory
Guests John Hogue, Giles Milton

John Hogue is considered a world authority on prophecy and Nostradamus. In the first half, he shared his analysis of Nostradamus' quatrains and other prophetic material, and offered predictions and commentary on current events and what lies ahead. He characterized the US' recent pull-out of Afghanistan as a repeat of history. The conflict, he said, was a quagmire similar to Viet Nam and, in a way, served as a long-term profit engine for the military-industrial complex. He foresees the Afghan government falling apart in the face of the Taliban, possibly within two months. Hogue believes we've entered into a new Cold War, triggered by the Ukrainian crisis. Based on calculations from a Nostradamus quatrain, he said there could be a Cuban missile-style crisis in either Ukraine or Taiwan around October 2024 that would be worse than the 1962 event. Or this could occur sometime in the early 2030s during Putin's last years in office, he added.

Hogue connected this new Cold War to the recent uptick in UFO reports, parallelling the flying saucer sightings that kicked off in the 1940s. On the subject of whether Nostradamus ever spoke of extraterrestrials, Hogue noted that he wrote of a "cosmic Christ" not born on Earth, and a human realm of angelic offspring (possibly representing a type of aliens) said to bring a longtime peace. Hogue does not see it as likely that Donald Trump will run for re-election in 2024, as "things will be so changed in the next three, four years." We haven't seen anything yet, he continued, in terms of shocks coming to society that will force us "to grow up or cease to be."


Author Giles Milton relies on personal testimonies, diaries, and letters to tell the story of key historical moments. In the latter half, he detailed how the Cold War began following World War II and tales of intense rivalries and raw power among the flawed individuals who were to shape the future of the world. The 1945 Yalta Conference ushered in a 'new world order' as participants Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin thrashed out how to reorganize Germany and Europe in the postwar period. It gradually became apparent to Churchill and Roosevelt that Stalin was an enemy of the West despite their hopes otherwise, Milton recounted. It was decided that Germany would be divided down the middle, with the Soviets controlling the east, and America and Britain controlling the west. But the "prize of Berlin" (even though it was squarely in the Soviet east side) was also divided in half, establishing "a little island in a sea of red," and creating real danger for the western forces stationed there, he cited.

Milton noted that because the Red Army had arrived in Berlin several months before the Western allies during the war, they had the opportunity to vengefully loot and ransack the city, carting off treasures to Moscow and kidnapping scientists. In 1946, Winston Churchill gave his famous "Iron Curtain" speech, warning that the great capitals of Eastern and Central Europe had fallen under the Soviet's sphere, and that something must be done about it. A game-changer in the Cold War was the establishment of NATO in 1949. It meant that "if the Soviet Union dares to attack one country in Europe, it has the whole might of NATO against it," he explained, adding that this led to the "uneasy standoff" that became the hallmark of the Cold War. Milton also described the construction of the Berlin Wall in 1961, which became increasingly fortified to stop people from trying to escape.

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