RFK Assassination / Spirit Possession

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RFK Assassination / Spirit Possession

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Continuing the conversation from Saturday on Kennedy assassinations, Richard Syrett (Twitter) welcomed researcher Lisa Pease, who shared her analysis of the Robert Kennedy assassination in 1968 at the Ambassador Hotel, and how Sirhan Sirhan may have been a victim of mind control. She detailed how Sirhan was injured on a racing track before the assassination and then went back to see the same doctor some 13 times within one year. Pease believes it was during this time that he became hypnotized and programmed to become an assassin. This was in Corona, CA, at a location near the Naval Warfare Surface Weapons Center, and during this period, the Navy was doing mind-control research, she pointed out. According to her research, one in five people are incredibly susceptible to hypnosis, and some can be made to do almost anything.

Pease described the shooting of Bobby Kennedy, and how one of the bullets that hit him came from behind-- the opposite direction of where Sirhan was standing. She has concluded that Sirhan was likely shooting blanks, and was being used to divert attention from the actual gunman-- possibly a security guard who worked as a contract agent for the CIA. A woman in a polka dot dress was seen going to the back of the hotel with Sirhan, and was later heard to say, "We shot him, we shot him," Pease recounted, adding that she believes the woman may have been the one that triggered him into "[gun] range mode" by pinching him. Sirhan Sirhan, imprisoned for more than 50 years, has a parole board hearing later this month.


Dr. Terrence Palmer, a hypnotherapist for 20 years, studies spirit possession, attachment, poltergeists, and their negative impact. In the latter half, he shared case studies of those suffering from negative spirit influence, and ways to resolve these issues. When working with a client who has some form of attachment or influence, the first thing to do is find out whether the being is an earthbound spirit or something other, he outlined. Palmer said this can be done by simply asking the entity their name. If they're a deceased spirit, they will readily present a name, and the focus should then be on helping them to crossover or go into the light, he detailed. However, if the entity is something demonic or non-human, they will refuse to give a name and may become abusive, he explained.

As part of his releasement therapy, Palmer accomplishes the identification by putting his clients in a hypnotic state, and has them scan their bodies to see if anything looks out of place, like a dark or red patch. He then has the client put a voice to it, which he communicates with. A similar method is used for clients who hear voices, he noted. In the case of demonic possession or attachment, Palmer said he asks for angelic beings to come and escort the entity away to a place where it cannot harm anyone. It's important to have a self-protection protocol as you go about your day, he recommended. This can be achieved by visualizing an invisible shield around you that keeps you safe from negative energies (more on this in his YouTube video- 'Psychic Self-Defense').

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