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Mandates & Individual Rights / Developing Psychic Skills

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In the first half, author and constitutional lawyer specializing in food and drug law, Jonathan Emord, discussed the state of individual rights in light of mandates and restrictions placed upon the populace in the COVID era. He was particularly concerned over Pres. Biden's recent order that all federal employees would have to be vaccinated and that all companies with 100 or more employees must have their employees either vaccinated or tested weekly. The mandate, which Biden is trying to enact through the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), is "fraught with all sorts of constitutional and federal legal problems," Emord remarked. For this kind of OSHA ruling, it must be shown that employees are in "grave danger," and in recent times, courts have often struck down these kinds of requirements, he noted.

He believes there will be numerous lawsuits against this emergency order and subsequent injunctions to block it, as it's a draconian measure that ignores an individual's health issues and specific workplace environments. Biden, he continued, "is assuming dictatorial powers...and is not going to Congress for a law to be passed. Instead, he's just imposing his will as 'Dr. Biden' on all of his patients-- the entire country...He has no power to make law under Article 2 of the Constitution." Emord considers this an authoritarian power grab, and instead of pushing for vaccinations, he believes the country should be focusing on therapeutic alternatives for COVID treatments and freedom of choice. 


Longtime practitioner of psychicism, Keith Miller has studied both Western and Eastern schools of magic, including Hermeticism and Freemasonry, as well as a variety of divination methods. In the latter half, he talked about different types of psychic abilities and ways to develop these skills. Studies have shown that just being open to psychic experiences improves your chances to have more of them, he reported, and those who are psi disbelievers tend to close off such possibilities. Rather than just being a conduit, a person can shape or manipulate psychic energy in an empowering and useful way to their daily lives, he added.

Two key elements in developing psychic skills are meditation and concentration. Meditation, he explained, helps individuals identify which thoughts and emotions are their own, and how to differentiate them from those of spirits or other people. Concentration comes into play when doing subtle energy work in terms of forming an intention or a "point of will," he continued. Channeling or mediumship wherein a spirit presence "takes the wheel" can be pleasant but addictive, Miller cautioned, and he generally steers away from that by talking directly to a spirit and then relaying the message back himself. Remote viewing, he revealed, offers a good introduction for someone new to psychic development, as it's structured as a non-spiritual exercise, with clear protocols.

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