Nature Spirits & Star Seeds

Nature Spirits & Star Seeds


HostLisa Garr

GuestsChristian von Lahr, Open Lines

Guest host Lisa Garr (email) welcomed psychic medium Dr. Christian von Lahr for a discussion on nature spirits, including Gnomes, Elves, Leprechauns, and Faeries. According to von Lahr, nature spirits are an etheric form of life analogous to angels. They took a longer and slower route through evolution than humanity, and dwell in the upper tiers of the seven sub-levels of our physical plane, he explained. Humanity took a quicker route, fell from a higher level of consciousness, and are in the lower level, von Lahr added.

Nature spirits are invisible to most people, and do the same kinds of things as we do relative to their life forms, he continued, noting they do not have ego. "Nature spirits tend to be benevolent, fun-loving, they bring out the inner child in us, they don't know or understand negativity the way we do so they're a little bit untainted," von Lahr revealed. Like angels, nature spirits want to help us. They exist in great quantities if we're willing to perceive them, he disclosed.

It is possible for humans to complete their life cycles and come back as other forms, von Lahr suggested. "Some people can be reincarnated angels or nature spirits," he said, pointing out that the process usually works the other way with nature spirits working to become physical. They mimic our lives like a child imitating a parent and, according to von Lahr, it can be funny to see. "If you're a doctor, they want to be a doctor, and if you're driving a car, they want to drive a car," he noted. von Lahr also spoke about Star Seeds, which are alien life forms which have physically incarnated on Earth. "They always feel that they're different," he said, admitting he is a Star Seed.

The last hour of the program featured Open Lines.



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