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Roswell Incident / Open Lines

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In the first half, paranormal investigator and law enforcement officer Greg Lawson joined Richard Syrett (Twitter) to discuss the Roswell Incident through the lens of the statements made by the people involved. He modeled his latest book about the incident, he said, on the after-action reports used by military and law enforcement officials to assess their successes and failures. While he acknowledged that investigating the Roswell Incident is especially difficult after 70 years, Lawson related that he had amassed so much information from various sources over time that it simply made sense to follow through. Rejecting the accusation that he's a debunker of the claims made about Roswell, Lawson explained that he was instead a skeptic—an observer committed to the truth of the matter, regardless of which side of the argument that put him on.

Several key figures surrounding the incident were examined in the conversation that followed. Calling Mack Brazel, the rancher who first found evidence of a downed craft, the most important "outside witness," Lawson said he believes Brazel held very valuable information meriting follow-up. He also said the statements made by Major General Jesse Marcel about finding pieces of a strange craft raise red flags for him. Marcel's account of giving the pieces to his young son—which he would have had to have known were possibly contaminated or irradiated, Lawson insisted—seems very strange. Among the other people discussed was Thomas DuBose, known as the whistleblower in the incident. "70 years later, there's not a single thing he would need to keep secret at that point," Lawson argued. "He doesn't say what they were covering up, but absolutely the weather balloon was the cover-up, the conspiracy."


In the second half of the program, Richard Syrett heard from a number of listeners on a variety of topics. Richard in British Columbia cited various Bible scriptures to support his argument that what people believe to be aliens are in fact fallen angels. Calling from Texas, Rick told the story of a man of about eight or nine feet tall whom he witnessed being beaten to death by men he believed to be in the CIA. And both Todd in Washington and Eric in Indiana reminisced about the GI Joe action figures they had as kids, sharing their belief that collecting toys can remain a worthwhile pursuit even as an adult.

After Richard asked for advice on building a private outdoor ice rink for his sons, listeners rose to the challenge; ironically, most of them live in warm states where ice typically doesn't last long outside. Sherry in California recommended that Richard try lining a patch of his lawn, flooding it with water, and attaching squeegees to his sons to smooth out the ice. Creating berms out of snow was what Michael in Texas suggested, followed by filling the space in between with water and smoothing out the ice while applying warm water. And Matt in Arizona had perhaps the simplest (but most expensive) advice for Richard: to hire a thermal engineer and a civil engineer.

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