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Prophecy & Nostradamus / New Year's Eve Predictions

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Considered a world authority on Nostradamus, John Hogue returned on New Year's Eve to update his prophecy alarm. He discussed his analysis of the quatrains of the remarkable sixteenth-century prophet Nostradamus and what they say about 2022 and beyond. Hogue sees a potential for a "karmic echo" of the Cuban Missile Crisis in three geopolitical areas: one on the China/Taiwan front, another centered on Russia/Ukraine, and possibly the most dangerous of all in the Middle East.

"The mainstream media, who are in the pocket of the Military Industrial Complex, will never show you the footage of Ukraine advancing on the Donbas separatists line... and firing hundreds of U.S.-made rockets indiscriminately into Donetsk and Luhansk," Hogue reported. He suggested Russia's recent troop movements to the border were merely an exercise to keep soldiers and equipment active during the winter. The problem, according to Hogue, is NATO advancing on the territories of Russia. He revealed Nostradamus spoke about NATO in his quatrains, referencing a passage which mentions D'ARTON and possible date of February 2022 for NATO to change its strategy.

On the China/Taiwan front, Hogue warned against America's interference as 16 war game scenarios run by the Pentagon show the U.S. military losing in a conflict with China. The third potential crisis area in the Middle East is the most troubling of all. "There is very real threat that the Naftali Bennett government in Israel is planning to strike Iran's nuclear sites," he said. Hogue believes Saudi Arabia's Mohammed bin Salman could be third anti-Christ mentioned by Nostradamus, and conflict between the Middle Eastern nations could lead to World War III. He also predicted the Republican candidates for the 2024 presidential election will be Donald Trump and Florida governor Ron DeSantis, as well as outlined how Hillary Clinton could become president without being elected to the office.


Open Lines followed in the second half of the program, with callers sharing their predictions for the new year. Glen from Texas commented on a potential conflict this year between Russia and Ukraine. "I think that when the Ukrainians are backed into a corner, they will remember their treatment by the Russians under Stalin, and they will unleash an air war devastating the Russians in their attacks," he said. Jeffrey in Colorado predicted nothing would happen between Taiwan and mainland China. "[Taiwan] has got some down-the-river technology... China does not want to be embarrassed by them," Jeffrey revealed, noting it would be a disastrous fight.

George reviewed several past listener predictions made for 2021. Gordon in Florida appears to have accurately predicted more earthquakes, famine, hyper-inflation, wars, and signs in the sky. Patrick from Wisconsin wrongly anticipated Trump would remain in office as president and ETs of the Galactic Federation would come to his aid. Some of last year's predictions did not happen in 2021 but George thought they might come to pass in 2022. Those include Bill in West Hartford, Connecticut, who predicted the NASA rover Perseverance would find signs of life on Mars, and Mike the Millennial who foresaw the just-launched James Webb Space Telescope discovering intelligent alien life.

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