Secret Space UFOs / Conspiracy Theories on Campus

Secret Space UFOs / Conspiracy Theories on Campus


HostRichard Syrett

GuestsDarcy Weir, James Goodall, Scott A. Shay

The legendary TR3B is said to be the very first Alien Reproduction Vehicle the military built secretly for space exploration. UFO researchers Darcy Weir and James Goodall joined Richard Syrett (Twitter) to discuss the history of and connection between triangular UFO sightings and top-secret military aircraft, such as the TR3B, that continue to be seen all over the world. Edgar Fouche was the first to disclose information about the TR3B, and provide schematics on how it looked and operated, Weir explained. Fouche claimed at a UFO conference to have flown in the TR3B at Area 51, he added. "The TR3B was a crude understanding of how something like [an off world craft] would work but with our technology," Weir said.

Goodall pointed out how Area 51 handles those who work at the base but who are not cleared to see any of the top-secret projects there. If you're not cleared on a particular program, you must go into windowless building whenever they roll out a secret project, he reported. Since the TR3B was first test flown in 1979 there have likely been new aircraft and drones based on the same technology, Weir suggested, noting "we've made craft that can do anti-gravitic things." Goodall recalled a chat he once had with aerospace engineer Ben Rich who told him, "We have things out in the desert that are 50 years beyond what you can comprehend." Check out Weir's documentary, Secret Space UFOs: Rise of The TR3B, available now on a variety of streaming platforms.


Followed by author Scott Shay who writes about how conspiracy theories drawn from far-right and far-left ideologies masquerade as scholarship at many universities. Shay exposed what he sees as the proliferation of anti-Zionist conspiracy theories championed on college campuses. According to Shay, conspiracy theories expand around the facts and are unfalsifiable to their adherents. He pointed to professor Arthur Butz who, despite all of the historical evidence for Hitler's systematic killing of six million Jews, publishes theories denying the Holocaust. "There are lots of academics purporting conspiracy theories that are disprovable and that's frightening for society," he said.

Butz explains the Holocaust away by alleging a powerful cabal of Jews spread forged documents around Europe, Shay continued. "There is no fact that one can throw at professor Butz that he won't expand his theory around," he added. Shay commented on The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which he described as a known anti-Semitic forgery from late-Czarist Russia purposely written to incite people against the Jews. "It's such a bad conspiracy theory... it comes directly from a [French] fiction novel and yet it has been made into a source text," he revealed, noting it was read to school children in Nazi Germany and is the basis for many anti-Zionist conspiracy theories.




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