Alien Abduction Phenomenon / Search for Bigfoot

Alien Abduction Phenomenon / Search for Bigfoot


HostRichard Syrett

GuestsWhitley Strieber, Taylor Guterson, Robert Pyle

The governments of the world cannot hide anymore that alien contact is happening. A new film explores the what, the why, and how it is occurring. Most importantly, it offers an answer to the question: Where do we go from here? Featured in John Yost's forthcoming film, Alien Abduction: Answers, is renowned author and experiencer Whitley Strieber, who joined host Richard Syrett (Twitter) to discuss the film, his encounters, and why the phenomenon keeps happening. "It's John's exploration of... the initiatory experience of his own close encounter and abduction," Strieber said about Yost's film, which he called one of the most insightful films on the topic. "Here's a man trying to make sense of his own strange inexplicable experiences by exploring through the medium of film," he added.

Strieber shared his own initial contact experience and the shock that followed it. "I had no idea what to think about what happened to me, except that maybe I had a brain tumor, maybe I had a hallucination, maybe I was going insane... it torpedoed my life," he revealed. According to Strieber, going from a so-called normal happy life to thinking you are in the midst of a psychotic break is a typical response to abduction experiences. He spoke about the benefits of forensic hypnosis which allowed him to reach the conclusion his experiences were real and he wanted more of them. After Strieber made his decision to participate in the phenomenon the aliens showed up again and have been part of his life ever since. "Right now I'm still heavily engaged with them," he admitted. Strieber also suggested these experiences show us that we are at the edge of another world (which may be part of our world), and it is possible this phenomenon is simply part of human life.


In a new documentary, Hunting Bigfoot, filmmaker Taylor Guterson skillfully melds the worlds of narrative feature and documentary film to capture the portrait of a broken man named John Green, who obsessively pursues personal and professional redemption in a world where many of those close to him think he’s crazy. In the second half of the program, Guterson and researcher Dr. Robert Pyle discussed the new film and their investigations into Sasquatch and the people obsessed with finding the elusive creature. Pyle described the film as a marvelous study of human behavior of those who have what he called Bigfoot Gold Fever. "I really wanted to study John [Green]... and some of the others that appear in the film, the culture of Bigfoot hunters in the North Bend area," Guterson said about the focus of his documentary. Guterson, who spent three years with John Green, does not believe Green has a mental illness though he suggested it is completely fair for viewers to assume he has one or some kind of past trauma which may be guiding him in some way.

"I think we sort of project that on him because we make an assumption that he didn't actually see anything," Guterson continued. "Most of the people who become thoroughly obsessed with [Bigfoot hunting] to the point where they give up jobs, lives, families... and in some cases their sense and connection with the real world are almost entirely men," Pyle added. Viewers of the film should not let the question of Green's mental health interfere with having an open mind about the existence of Bigfoot, Guterson suggested. According to Pyle, while the possibility of finding something is low, he has himself found tracks and had one possible sighting. "This is a giant myth... that unlike many of the giant stories around the world might actually walk in flesh and blood," he added. Pyle also spoke about the paranoia often associated with Bigfoot hunters who are suspicious about outsiders, especially scientists, not taking them seriously.



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