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Professor Emeritus at George Washington Univ., William E. Halal, PhD, is one of the top futurists in the world, and has been fascinated by the revolutionary power of technology. In the first half, he talked about how a new age of consciousness is needed to survive the challenges ahead and usher us into the next stage of human evolution. The anthropologist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin accurately foresaw that the world would become a "noosphere," a great web of interconnectedness, Halal noted, but our age of instantaneous global communication has come with a deluge of misinformation. According to his organization's research, Halal reported that 60% of people's decisions are rooted in subjective consciousness-- emotions, values, and beliefs, which may not be based on facts.

With discourse pouring out of the "social media monster," technology can amplify misinformation, and we need better ways to discern the truth, he continued. Speaking of the Ukraine/Russia conflict, he is hopeful that this will be an opportunity that leads to the collapse of Putin's dictatorship, and "that will send a message around the world that autocracy is no longer tolerated," and rejuvenate the appeal of democracy. As technologies become more powerful, such as AI, we have to be careful that they aren't misused, Halal commented. While tech such as facial recognition can be misused, in heavily surveilled locations like the UK, the ever-present cameras help reduce crime or catch criminals, he cited. He expects to see dramatic changes in the next 10-20 years, including attending events holographically.


Teacher, author, and coach, Zen Cryar DeBrucke is the founder of Smart Soul Academy, which makes accessible her work on the Internal Guidance System (IGS). In the latter half, she outlined how the IGS works and the ways it can be used to understand our thoughts, and make the best decisions. With the IGS, your body itself is sending you physical cues in reaction to your thoughts, she detailed. For instance, when you feel a constriction in the center of your body (somewhere between your throat and solar plexus), that is a kind of alarm bell that you are out of alignment with your true purpose, and what you are thinking is not true.

She associates the feeling of constriction with "old programming" – negative or unhelpful ideations that may have been imprinted on us at an early age. DeBrucke gave the example of how most think of the 'yield' traffic sign as being yellow in color even though it was changed to red decades ago. She explained that people's minds often hold onto an old memory or way of being, even though it no longer reflects their current reality. In contrast, when you feel a lightness or centeredness in the same area, then you are in alignment with your own truth or higher purpose, she said. The key, she added, is to learn to pivot your thoughts when you become aware that you are stuck in old programming.

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