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Haunted Montana / Karmic Capitalism

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In the first half, interpretive historian Ellen Baumler shared her research into the history behind Montana's ghosts and haunted places. She explained that she became interested in this subject after her own anomalous encounters. After moving to Helena, MT, she and her husband lived in a Victorian home built in 1888. The first night in the house, she awakened to the faint sound of a radio. She searched for the audio source but could never find it, and over the next few years, the family would hear the sound on random occasions. Baumler said she befriended an elderly electrical engineer who had previously lived in the house. "We had Helena's very first radio operations set up in that bedroom," he told her, indicating the room where the sounds were heard. The engineer speculated that the sound energy was perhaps absorbed into the walls, which led Baumler to ponder the notion of residual energy and how that might relate to ghostly phenomena.

A man who owned a historical cabin in Virginia City told Baumler about a former resident who claimed to see a bloody apparition in the bathtub. In her research, she learned about a tenant who shot herself in the cabin's bathroom in 1923, after her husband died from the Spanish Flu. The state of Montana has a dark past with people that practiced vigilante justice, she revealed, and that may be one reason there are so many haunted places there. The Deer Lodge Prison is said to be especially haunted, and she recounted an incident when she went on a tour there with a group from Seattle. A visitor said he was thrown against the wall in a prison cell by an unseen force. As Baumler observed, the man and his friend attempted to contact the spirit using a series of taps. The entity claimed it was a case of mistaken identity, as he thought the man was his old cellmate.


In the latter half, hypnotherapist and past life regressionist Dr. Bruce Goldberg discussed how to attain spiritual growth and abundance through techniques of 'karmic capitalism.' Once you have "raised the level of your soul's growth with very simple exercises...your relationship with money and the universe will change both for the better," he declared. Goldberg detailed 'six pillars of self-esteem,' which he said are essential for building karmic capital. They include:

  • self-responsibility (we create our own reality)
  • personal integrity (cohesion between our thoughts, actions, and beliefs)
  • self-assertiveness (treat ourselves with respect, with the right to say no)

To work on creating abundance and financial independence, we can use our dream state to program in sessions with higher guides that take place in the 'sanctuary.' For the best results, don't employ the techniques to try and beat out a competitor but just use them for your personal growth, he advised. Goldberg also shared his 'point of light' approach, in which you do a favor or kindness for someone else, and they, in turn, are able to help you. As far as behaviors that facilitate spiritual growth, he recommended decreasing attachment to material possessions and not being desperate for specific outcomes; be God-oriented instead of world-oriented; and acting humble and not conceited.

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