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Psychic Predictions / Open Lines

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Medium, clairvoyant, psychic, and numerologist Maurice Amdur claims to have made accurate predictions about numerous celebrities, including Donald Trump winning the US presidential election, Arnold Schwarzenegger becoming Governor of California, and George W. Bush being re-elected for a second term. He joined guest host Richard Syrett (Twitter) to talk about his extraordinary abilities and how he manifests his predictions. "I didn't know that everybody else didn't [have abilities]," Amdur said about his developing childhood psychic medium skills. Children are able to see and communicate with spirits because they are still attached to the spirit world, he added. Amdur recalled announcing to his mother that his father had just been in a car accident. "I saw it in my head and didn't know other people didn't do that," he admitted.

Amdur spoke about astrology, pointing out how people are a combination of 12 signs, and relationships are based on that combination of planets instead of one sign with another. People born under the same sign often wear the same color clothing or do the same thing at the same moment, he revealed. "Usually wherever you are... right next to you is somebody else with either the identical or a day-apart birthday," Amdur noted. He explained how he is able to predict the outcome of a sporting event by reviewing the birthdays of the players to see who is in the "timeframe of winning." Amdur also commented on Elon Musk who he described as incredibly intuitive and in connection with the powers that be. "He's open to messages from the universe a bit like Nikola Tesla was," he said. According to Amdur, many people in highly-placed positions are able to connect with certain energies that assist them in their success.


Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program. Kyle in Bristol, Connecticut, told Richard about the time he and his Uncle Mike encountered a tribe of Pukwudgies in a reservoir where they were fishing. According to Kyle, he and his uncle felt like they were being watched and then heard a noise. "All of a sudden we saw something little run by... we saw about 15 of these things and they chased us out of the woods," he explained, adding the Pukwudgies shot arrows at them. Kyle described the Pukwudgies as two to three feet tall with ugly faces, and their arrows as a foot long with symbols carved into the shafts. He claimed his uncle was able to retrieve two of these arrows and still has them.

Michael from Tallahassee, Florida, recalled the time when he and his mother lived in Maine and discovered something quite special by a natural spring on their property. According to Michael, they uncovered the foundations of a bottling plant used by Dr. Albert Schweitzer to provide the healing waters of the spring to people and ship crews in the area. "We believe that it actually probably improved our health by a couple hundred percent," he said about the water. Mary in Los Angeles admitted she has fallen in love with a man who claims to be from Sudan. She admitted it could also be a scam. "Is it possible to fall in love with somebody who gets paid to take advantage of people's loneliness?" she wondered.

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