Astrology Alignments / Astral Projection & Psychic Attacks

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Astrology Alignments / Astral Projection & Psychic Attacks

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Astrologer Mark Lerner has reached thousands of astrological students and professionals worldwide through his book Welcome to Planet Earth. In the first half, he discussed what planetary alignments are dominating 2022 and how this may affect our world stability and America's political landscape. Pluto, the planet associated with such things as the underworld, secrets, extremes, atomic & nuclear energy, and death & rebirth, has just begun its first ever return to where it was in Capricorn when the USA was born as a nation on July 4, 1776. It's disconcerting, Lerner said, that Putin began his invasion of Ukraine just before Pluto moved into this position, given the dwarf planet's correlation with nuclear weapons.

There will be a partial solar eclipse this Saturday during the Taurus new moon, and concurrently Jupiter and Venus are aligning together, which indicates auspicious and upbeat energies, he noted. America's midterm elections on November 8 will occur on the day of a lunar eclipse, a conjunction with the planet Uranus, and Mars in retrograde, which suggests surprises and the unexpected. He also spoke about how Jupiter has an unusual 83-year cycle and that this year it will be returning to the position it was in 1939, at the dawn of WWII. He gave readings for callers during the second hour based on their birth dates. Mark is celebrating his 50 years in astrology with special offers via his website.


In the latter half, psychic researcher Robert Bruce talked about his decades of work on astral projection and how to recognize psychic attacks and defend oneself from them. He revealed that he first started to have astral projection incidents when he was only three years old, floating out of his body and traveling through the neighborhood. We all experience astral projection during the sleep state, he said, adding that it's a myth that if anyone disturbs you while you're projecting that you could die-- you would simply return to your body, just as you do when someone wakes you from a dream. The purpose of astral travel may have to do with reconnecting with our souls or where we came from, he posited, and conscious astral projection is more likely to occur when we are somewhat sleep-deprived.

Psychic attacks by spirit entities can cause physical distress and are more likely to occur at night, he reported. There's a great deal of what he calls "astral wildlife" around us, but our senses generally tune them out. Some of this "wildlife" can be quite nasty or predatory, Bruce continued. About 10% of the population are sensitive enough to be aware of a psychic attack, which in addition to instigating physical issues, can take the form of a string of bad luck, he detailed. 'Haunted' ghost tours such as at an old prison can sometimes lead to negative entities attaching themselves to people, he cautioned. A simple countermeasure in the early stages is to take a shower, as running water can break their attachment, Bruce noted. He also described using frankincense and a banishing pentagram in repeated cycles to expel entities.

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