Threats to America's Grid / The Paranormal Pilot

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Threats to America's Grid / The Paranormal Pilot

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In the first half, National Operations Director for the EMP Task Force on National and Homeland Security Glenn Rhoades discussed efforts to safeguard the United States from various attacks, including on our electrical grid, which he said is extraordinarily vulnerable to failure and attack. To date, he went on, few states have succeeded in taking the steps needed to secure their electrical grids, which could be severely damaged by natural events like solar flares as well as by intentional actions like electromagnetic pulses (EMP) and cyberattacks.

Between the grid's extremely fragmented ownership across multiple companies, its 25,000 substations, and a lack of public awareness of its problems, Rhoades explained, hardening the grid is an extremely complex task. In addition, a single point of failure could cause the entire grid to go down.

Filmmaker David Womick joined Rhodes in the first hour to relate the topic to his latest documentary, The Black Sky Event, about protecting the grid. To fully explain the problem thoroughly, this feature-length film has been expanded into a multi-part series. The most surprising thing he learned while making the series, Womick related, was the extent to which the United States is vulnerable to attack on the grid by its enemies. The effects would be disastrous, quick, and widespread, ranging from power outages and lack of water to homes and businesses to compromising the effectiveness of a military response.


In the third hour, C2C's investigative reporter Cheryll Jones presented her interview with Captain Jim, a career commercial pilot who kept his identity obscured on the show out of concerns for his professional reputation. He described meeting world-renowned psychic and architect of the CIA's remote viewing program Ingo Swann early in his career, noting Swann's influence on his own work. As an airline pilot, the Captain said, he also sensed mechanical failures in planes, thus preventing accidents. Viewers can even use their abilities to do things like help search for buried treasures and underground oil deposits. Currently, numerous governments around the world make use of remote viewers, for various purposes, he continued.

Captain Jim also described his experience with psychometry, a form of viewing that comes through physical touching key objects. A thick book, for example, could be "read" by a viewer with their eyes closed within a few minutes, or a complete personality profile of someone could be gleaned by touching a photograph of them. He described a case where a viewer was able to predict, by handling a copy of a script for a yet-to-be-made movie, details like its budget, problems it would have during production, and how it would do at the box office.

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