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Alternative Health / Prophecy, Ascension, & Transhumanism

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In the first half, pharmacist Ben Fuchs discussed natural health remedies and the vitamins, nutrients, and minerals that our bodies need to maintain good health. Speaking of "terrain medicine," he described it as the idea of taking care of the body and making it strong so opportunistic infections cannot take hold. Regarding elevated blood cholesterol, he noted that it's often found in tandem with high blood sugar, and this is demonstrated by the fact that nutrients that help lower blood sugar will also lower blood cholesterol. Supplements like selenium, niacin, and EFAs will naturally lower both blood sugar and cholesterol levels, he added.

Fuchs also addressed the study of psychoneuroimmunology which explores the relationship between the mind and body. When we're under stress, this can negatively affect the immune system, he pointed out. So keeping the body calm is essential, he said, whether it's through nutritional supplementation, the foods you eat, or mental, emotional or spiritual strategies. On the subject of Parkinson's and its associated tremors, he advised relaxation exercises for the body, particularly the face and jaw muscles, as well as taking hot baths.


An authority on human spiritual transformation and ascension, William Henry, has been called "the groovy investigative mythologist" by the New York Times. In the latter half, he shared his latest research into ETs, biblical prophecy, ascension, and concerns over AI and the transhumanist pathway. He believes there has been extraterrestrial intervention in human affairs dating back to ancient times. It's all about raising humanity to a higher level-- what he refers to as ascension and "making humans more like the gods." The ancient Anunnaki were depicted wearing horned crowns, and this may have symbolized rays of light coming from their head, while their garments suggested a luminous force coming from within. Henry interpreted these details as indicating that rather than made of flesh and blood, the Anunnaki were light beings who could "phase in" to physicality.

Henry has concluded that Big Tech (and in particular Mark Zuckerberg's company Meta) are rapidly on their way to fulfilling the Mark of the Beast prophecy, which he sees as possibly centering around virtual reality. By putting on the VR goggles and gloves, you are placing yourself in a "fake reality" that mimics or mocks the real world and then must submit to the rules of that realm, he explained. The "powers that be" have planned a human merger with AI for some time now, which could lead to the extinction of the human species as we know it, he warned. And rather than focusing on building colonies on other planets, Henry argues we should concentrate on advancing the human race spiritually-- exploring portals or stargates from within that can transport us to other realms.

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