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Corporate Espionage / Mars Anomalies

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Actor and writer Robert Kerbeck is the CEO and founder of a research and corporate intelligence firm. In the first half, he discussed the wild and cutthroat world of corporate espionage and how information, data, and key employees are procured in business and geopolitics through spying, lying, and deception. As a struggling actor, Kerbeck revealed that he turned to work as a corporate spy as a way to make a living. Hired by various corporations and their intermediaries to glean secrets about their competitors, his acting skills paid off in this challenging line of work. He used voices and mimicry to impersonate different executives and individuals to trick other executives into spilling company secrets and privileged information over the phone.

Kerbeck referred to this kind of trickery as "rusing," a type of social engineering in which a variety of ploys are used to elicit confidential details. In some cases, when the mark he was speaking to doubted his identity, he worked with an associate, who would call them and impersonate another person in their corporate structure in order to vouch for Kerbeck's fake persona. Kerbeck, who eventually turned away from this line of work, acknowledged that it was unethical and occupies a legally gray area. He waited a decade to write his book about the subject as the statute of limitations would be up by then, so he couldn't be charged with any crimes. He also talked about some of his celebrity encounters in his acting career, such as appearing in an OJ Simpson exercise video that was shot shortly before the infamous Bronco chase.


A civilian intelligence analyst and psychotherapist in New York City, Robert D. Morningstar, has studied the paranormal and UFOs for over 40 years. In the latter half, he updated his work on UFOs and shared his analysis of photographs of Martian anomalies. "Mars is a living, dynamic planet," Morningstar declared. He and his colleague Ron Gerbron have analyzed Mars surface images and believe they have identified such things as green forests, a mile-long feathered crater that looks engineered, and a crashed metallic airframe. He also announced that after years of subterfuge, NASA is showing in photos that the sky on Mars is blue (as opposed to red or orange), and the whole place looks like Utah, Nevada, and Arizona.

According to Morningstar, there is evidence for vitrification and large amounts of glass on Mars. He suggested there was a nuclear holocaust on the Red Planet, citing the research of John Brandenburg, who noted that probes found xenon 129 in the Martian atmosphere (an isotope only created in nuclear explosions). Morningstar has theorized that Martians evacuated to Earth during this calamity. Regarding China's recent mission to Mars, he considers it a failure, as their rover only moved about 3000 ft in a couple of months before conking out. Further, he concluded that many of the Chinese rover images were faked, as there is evidence of discrepancies in them.

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