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Inside Ukraine / Open Lines

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Nadiya Andriyivna Vasina, best known as Nadya Vasina, is a Ukrainian gymnast and entertainer. She was a member of Ukraine women's artistic gymnastics national team in 2002–2008, and won two gold medals for the team at the 2006 Gymnasiade and 2007 Universiade. She joined host Ian Punnett (Twitter) to share her first-person account of what is happening inside Ukraine during the Russian invasion. 

Vasina, who has on past occasions performed for Ukrainian troops, has not been allowed near the front lines because of risk to her safety. "Right now they don't let me go to Doneck area or to any other front lines... the situation is very unstable," she said. Air raid sirens are a daily part of life, Vasina added. A week ago a rocket destroyed a building (and killed a journalist) next to the building where Vasina broadcasts her radio show. "The picture is horrible... everything that's going on is like in a movie," she explained.

According to Vasina, Russia has destroyed many of the historical buildings and monuments in Kiev, as well as left thousands of their dead troops in Ukraine. "It's so disgusting," she commented, noting Ukrainians must deal with the Russian dead according to rules of the Orthodox Church. Vasina estimated approximately 300 citizens and around 3,000 Ukrainian soldiers have perished during the Russian invasion. She also confirmed reports of Russia using "mobile crematoriums" to incinerate the dead.


Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program. Charles in Sacramento requested call ins from listeners who may have information about the 1992 and 1996 presidential elections. According to Charles, subliminal images were inserted into broadcast transmissions of speeches, debates, and infomercials. "It occurred during the presidential elections in that period," he said, noting "there's a lot of forces at work in a presidential election." Charles also mentioned something he called "back-calling" but would not explain what it is.

Ryan from Ohio shared some theories about the Ouija Board and chemtrails. It is Ryan's belief the so-called spirits and ghosts who are called via Ouija Board activity are not deceased human beings but rather the biblical entities known as Rephaim. "The dead know nothing, they are asleep," he added. Ryan also said his whistleblower connections have revealed a chemical aerosol in the skies which "makes you bleed slowly from the inside out." He also insisted chemtrails are blocking our view of another planet. "If you take that spray out of the skies, you'd see a great big planet behind the sun," Ryan suggested.

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