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Geopolitics, Russia, & China / Practical Magick

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In the first half, Joel Skousen, publisher of the World Affairs Brief, offered commentary on the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and shared his views on China's military goals, the "Deep State" agenda, and geopolitical turmoil. Through the US giving advanced military weapons and radar equipment to Ukraine, they have been able to fight the Russians far more effectively, he noted. The Russians, he warned, have "nuclear weapons mounted on more effective missiles than the United States by at least three to four times," and no one knows the extent of weapons China has been building in underground caverns. Skousen considers the fall of the Soviet Union to be a form of deception, with communism just going underground so they could get Western aid and trade to rebuild things like their oil industry.

According to his sources, Vladimir Putin is ill with Parkinson's and hides the shaking of his hands by holding onto a table during interviews. There is also evidence, Skousen continued, that Putin has cancer (though not terminal) and will be undergoing surgery. He suggested that a trigger event for WWIII could take place in Korea if North Korea attacks South Korea. The US will intervene because they have 47,000 troops stationed there, and China will likely defend North Korea, he added. Skousen believes the global "Deep State" is behind various conflicts and attacks, including 9-11 and Pearl Harbor.


In the latter half, Coast friend and occult scholar Mitch Horowitz returned to discuss practical magick-- how to use ancient and modern esoteric methods to improve your life. Magick, he explained, is a method of extending your will into the world for legitimate needs such as employment, money, relationships, and health. Intention and our thoughts matter, Horowitz pointed out, and shape our outer lives to some extent. "Be very very cognizant that your mind has extra-physical properties-- has causative abilities," and consider that you can use your mind as a tool for forging your reality, he said. A classic self-help book that explored this idea in a non-occult manner was Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz.

Occult magickal methods include working with a sigil-- an abstract symbol that can be concentrated upon. By tapping into the subconscious mind, focusing on a sigil can bypass the logical apparatus of the intellect and send out a type of mental energy into the world, he detailed. A collage method involves writing down words or phrases that have significance for you and then cutting them up into scraps of paper. You toss them on the floor and randomly pick up three or four of the scraps and try to form them into a discernible sentence. "You will almost certainly come up with something that's personally meaningful to you," he remarked. For more tips on practical magick, check out Mitch's on-demand course.

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