Medical Intuition / Other Dimensional Contact

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Medical Intuition / Other Dimensional Contact

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Certified medical intuitive and wellness coach, Wendie Colter, has been pivotal in helping wellness professionals develop their inherent intuition. In the first half, she discussed the history of medical intuition, and how she teaches it to others. Through her energy healing work, Colter discovered that she was actually able to see into the body and the biofield and view a person's physiology and how their health issue might have begun. These skills, she explained, are at the heart of medical intuition, which can be a great adjunct for all kinds of health care, and provide information that conventional medicine might miss or doesn't have adequate testing for yet.

She noted that a medical intuitive provides an assessment rather than a treatment or intervention. In a session, she may detail where a client's blocks are, why they're there, and what can be done to remove them. She described a case from her practice when she saw a young woman with kidney pain, but the doctors couldn't find anything. Looking into her body, Colter said she viewed a small crystallization that had embedded itself outside of the kidney, and she advised the patient to see a surgeon. One of the skills Colter teaches is "energy hygiene," in which a person learns ways to ground or shield their energy and have more mastery over their energetic state, which is vital for intuitives. For more on working with your energy, check out Wendie's free audio of guided meditations.


Researcher Mark Gober argues that civilization is regularly influenced by nonhuman intelligences outside perception. In the latter half, he shared his research into UFO and alien encounters and abductions and how they relate to near-death experiences and other phenomena that may emanate from other dimensions. There are a number of fallacies about alien encounters, he commented, including the idea that contact isn't real, and that aliens are exclusively good or evil (Gober believes there is a spectrum). There is evidence that aliens or nonhuman intelligences directly interact with humans rather than just observe us from a distance, he added.

Gober related people's NDE encounters with spiritual beings to alien contact. "It makes me wonder whether the delineations we're making are based on limitations in human language, and maybe they are the same species being called different names," he said. In the experiments of Dr. Rick Strassman, who dosed volunteers with the psychedelic DMT, the subjects reported encounters with alien-type beings and aspects similar to alien abduction accounts. "Is this a phenomenon of consciousness," Gober pondered, "where there's an unlocking of the brain that allows us to access these other dimensions where these beings exist?" He also talked about the agenda of alien abductions and the possibility that a hybridization program is taking place, and what that could mean for our civilization.

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