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Consciousness Transformation / Open Lines

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In the first half, inventor and healer George Duisman joined Connie Willis (info) to discuss his quest for healing techniques. He related his early experiments with EFT, a system of tapping various acupressure points on the body, and how effective it is. Duisman eventually developed the Four Minute Miracle, which he described as a tapping technique that focuses on treating physical or emotional pain caused by a specific, single event.

Soon, however, Duisman began to realize that most pain and trauma was not rooted in the current life, but from past lives. He eventually developed CTT, Consciousness Transformation Therapy, to focus directly on this type of suffering. Clues as to past trauma are drawn out one by one, until the core problem can be identified, and success using this method is considerable.


Callers in the second half included Steve in California, who expressed great enthusiasm for George Duisman's techniques. He offered to become part of Duisman's healing team, which Duisman welcomed. When Virginia in Washington wondered how to figure out why she reacted so strongly to certain stimuli, Duisman explained that she didn't need to "figure out" anything, but to go through multiple rounds of his techniques until her brain offered clues she could piece together.

Eric, calling from Indiana, related his story of being subjected to horrific experiments while serving in the military. After the experiments, he claimed, the memories of his abuse were wiped clean—and it was only after piecing together flashbacks years later that he understood what had happened to him.

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