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Alien Abduction / Open Lines

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Author Whitley Strieber discussed his alien abduction case, as well as the republishing of Communion, the book he published in 1987 about his terrifying close encounter experience from 1985. According to Strieber, it was the night after Christmas and he had just gone to bed when he sensed a disturbance, a feeling that he was not alone. "When I opened my eyes I was not in my bedroom... I was in a little round room," he recalled, noting the beings in the room with him were not human. Strieber described being in a state beyond fear, and thought it was a nightmare from which he could not awaken. "The harder I tried [to wake up] the more real this whole situation became," he said. The next morning Strieber could not remember anything but knew something had happened to him, and a visit to his doctor revealed he had been sexually assaulted.

Hypnosis helped recover additional details from his frightening alien visitation, including another encounter that took place a couple of months earlier. "They were extracting the essence of mankind from our bodies," he disclosed, noting the alien beings were specifically removing DNA and "sexual material." The consistent message among those in the close encounter community is the aliens wish for our survival and the planet is in trouble due to human overpopulation, Strieber explained. He recently decided to republish Communion with a new introduction and voice an unabridged audio version of the book. Strieber also spoke about his afterlife communications with deceased wife, Anne. Strieber admitted she approached him an hour after she passed and uses a white moth as an avatar to communicate with him.


Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program. Mike in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, shared a fond childhood memory about meeting Robert F. Kennedy in late May 1968, a week and a half before he was assassinated. Kennedy had just finished a speech outside of a drug store in Huron, SD, when Mike approached him. "I had my hand in his left coat pocket walking with him... the secret service, nobody did anything," he recalled. According to Mike, he walked with Kennedy to the drugstore counter and watched him order candy for his mother.

Amanda from North Carolina recalled an experience she had that may involve alien abduction. "In 1976 I saw an entity, a grey," she reported. According to Amanda, she felt like someone was watching her and pulled back the curtains to discover a grey alien staring back. The being had to be levitating because the windows were high above the ground level, she noted. A decade later, Amanda happened upon Whitley Strieber's book, Communion, and realized the being she saw was the same as the one on the book's cover. Amanda also admitted to finding marks on her body as well as what appeared to be holes in her head.

The final half hour featured a replay of exorcist Bill Bean talking about demonic possession.

News segment guests: Cal Orey / Kevin Randle

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