Canadian UFOs / Cryptids & Strange Phenomena

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Canadian UFOs / Cryptids & Strange Phenomena

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Science writer Chris Rutkowski has viewed files on Canadian UFO studies, many of which were declassified from higher restrictions. In the first half, he revealed details from these fascinating cases and pointed out that in contrast to the US, which has looked at UFOs primarily from a military perspective, Canada has studied incidents through the scientific community, and the National Research Council. Further, Canada has maintained a continuous record of UFO reports from the beginning of the modern UFO era. There have been a number of significant cases involving pilot sightings, he noted, including one in 2004 over Alberta in which the Canadian Prime Minister was aboard the flight.

The first reported crop circles in North America were found in Alberta in 1967, and were referred to by the Canadian Air Force as "UFO rings." They examined the rings and were baffled as to what could have created them. Rutkowski described a 1967 case in which a man was burned by a UFO at Falcon Lake woods in Manitoba (view related photo/article). Radiation was found at the site along with radioactive metal, which was analyzed in both the US and Canada. He also recounted details from the Shag Harbour incident when a large object crashed into Nova Scotia waters. Fishermen saw a glowing green material in the water and tried to retrieve some of it, but it was too fine and slipped through their net, Rutkowski recounted.


Why are so many Bigfoot encounters filled with unusual and extraordinary phenomena like luminosities, time slips, and telepathic interactions? In the latter half, Dr. Simeon Hein, director of research at the Mount Baldy Institute, discussed new scientific findings that help explain seemingly paranormal phenomena, like space-time anomalies and orbs seen around creatures such as Bigfoot and other mysterious cryptids. The strange creatures are typically perceived as three-dimensional physical beings like us, yet patterns like sudden invisibility suggest otherwise, he said. Hein postulated that cosmological dark matter might be all around us, and the principles associated with it could allow a different state of matter to co-exist with ours.

Cryptids may be made of "coherent energy" or a 'Fifth State of Matter' that enables them to switch from parallel realities, or travel in and out of a portion of our reality that we cannot detect with our physical senses, he theorized. Regarding reports of cryptids throwing balls of light or turning into orbs, he believes that the phenomenon of ball lightning is connected with the Fifth State of Matter. The interaction of relic neutrinos on a subatomic scale with physical organisms might further explain the odd abilities of cryptids, he indicated. Hein further noted that crop circles (which are often associated with orbs) and other types of unexplained activity like UFOs are related to his theory.


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