Star Trek's Impact / Talking to Spirits

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Star Trek's Impact / Talking to Spirits

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In the first half, TV writer and historian Marc Cushman discussed the emergence of the TV drama genre during the 1960s with such shows as I Spy and Star Trek. Both of those series paved the way for more diversity with their interracial casts, which helped change the face of television. Star Trek, he pointed out, was the inspiration for many technological innovations we have today, such as the cell phone-- the creator of the first cell phone said he based it on Capt. Kirk's flip-open communicator, and people like Bill Gates marveled at Spock's computer library-- and thought, 'why can't we have that?' Medical technology, Cushman continued, was also presciently portrayed on Star Trek, like the sick bay exam bed.

Star Trek's creator, Gene Roddenberry initially pitched the show to NBC as a kind of "Wagon Train" to the stars instead of the prairies (Wagon Train at the time was the #1 rated show). Eventually, Roddenberry butted heads with the network as he often developed controversial and topical storylines that broke taboos, Cushman recounted. He revealed that in 1975 when Roddenberry was working on a post-Star Trek screenplay entitled "The Nine," about preparing mankind for the arrival of alien beings, he met with channeler Phyllis Schlemmer, who was reportedly in touch with an extraterrestrial group called "The Council of Nine." During the session, Roddenberry posed fascinating questions to the beings, and through Schlemmer they responded, including offering an explanation of their interdimensional nature.


Clairvoyant medium Kim Dennis has spent years helping people talk to the Other Side in her private readings and radio appearances. In the latter half, she discussed how she came to accept her calling as a medium and the many messages she has received from talking to spirits. Her familiarity with the otherworldly began early at the age of 13, with nightly out-of-body experiences. These OBEs continued for about ten years, she said, and during some of them, she visited a heavenly place of harmony and unconditional love. As a medium, Dennis said she can tap into a higher vibration and communicate with departed loved ones, who offer evidence for survival after death.

Sharing tips for how people can receive messages from the Other Side, she said they are most likely to occur when you're alone and quiet. You may get a subtle sense that someone is there, which can present itself as a random thought or memory. It's a kind of nudge to let you know that they're with you, she explained. Regarding reincarnation, Dennis suggested that spirits may wait 80-100 years before starting a new life. She doubted whether she'd be able to communicate with them once they transitioned into a new incarnation. During the last hour, she gave readings to callers.

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